8 ways a small business can grow using Salesforce

8 ways a small business can grow using Salesforce

8 ways a small business can grow using Salesforce

Salesforce Essentials is a CRM built especially to cater to the needs of small businesses. It not only helps you keep your customers happy but also boosts employee productivity by offering simple tools that are easy to use. Salesforce solutions for small businesses highlight customer patterns and trends which help in creating targeted marketing communications for high-value customers.

Here are 8 Tips for Growing Your Small Business with Salesforce Technology

  1. Know your customers: One of the major challenges faced by small businesses is efficiently handling an ever-growing list of customer queries. Salesforce helps you to deliver on the promise of delighting your customers every time they have an interaction with you. It gives you access to a centralized system where you can review a customer’s past interactions. The system empowers every executive who deals with customers to be informed about the product details, purchase date, order status, return/refund status etc. They can confidently answer the customer’s queries by accessing the particular customer’s history and can then provide an appropriate solution to their concerns.
  2. Generate high-quality leads: With Salesforce’s customer analysis feature businesses can find prospective customers, improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and close deals quickly. Salesforce helps you gain a thorough understanding of the purchasing habits of current and past customers. With this information, you can build lookalike profiles and identify new prospects who are highly likely to convert to new customers. It paves the way for a well-researched yet low-cost lead generation solution that improves your chances of being successful.
  3. Predict customer needs: Individualisation of customer experience is brought to the table by Salesforce Einstein, an analytics AI that is integrated with the platform. It helps you emulate what successful brands do, that is predicting what customers want and catering to their needs even before there is a demand for such products or services. This helps initiate a giving relationship with customers who would then feel that the brand really understands their needs.
  4. Automate marketing campaigns: With Salesforce Marketing Cloud you can plan and automate marketing campaigns. Marketing Cloud enables you to target customers with marketing messages across email, web, social, and mobile channels. The messages are sent automatically at a particular time of the day according to a workflow that consists of a set of instructions. The workflows are defined by templates that are often custom-built. You also have the option to modify them in the middle of a campaign to achieve the kind of results you want.
  5. Build time-saving apps in minutes: A mobile app that is custom-built to meet the needs of a business can be a game-changer in many ways. Firstly it will help you to navigate through important business issues in a jiffy. App Cloud by Salesforce is one such feature that gives users the option to easily build their own apps for their unique business needs. There is no coding involved which makes it simple to use even for people who are from a non-technical background.
  6. Grow a community for your customers: Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook can be a disastrous space to address customer queries or concerns. Customer collaboration also becomes tedious when handled through SM sites. By building a community of your existing customers you can eliminate public exposure of problems that should be handled confidentially. You can make this happen through the Salesforce Community Cloud. You can create communities that act as a secure space for the customers to collaborate with your business. It also acts as a communication platform where customers can interact with each other and find the answers to their common queries or concerns about your products/services.
  7. Gain a small business advantage: Customers today expect businesses to offer them personalized service and that is what all businesses strive towards. To provide a unique and personalized service, Salesforce offers brilliant systems and technologies to help businesses fine-tune their personalization efforts. Salesforce enables automation, data analysis, artificial intelligence that can advantageous especially to small business to personalize their services and also improve their employee productivity.
  8. Match customer expectations: Salesforce makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to manage customer expectations with ease. It is a boon especially for small and medium-sized businesses that strive to meet ever-changing customer expectations. With the help of Salesforce, SMBs can move toward achieving their goals of frictionless service and thus attract and retain their customers.

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