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6 Perks from Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation & Integration

With the advent of Salesforce CRM in many enterprises, marketing and related promotional services have become streamlined. The implementation of Salesforce Cloud will bring a shift in the paradigm of how a business can approach, interact, and connect back with your clients, consumers, and prospective customers on the go.

But, What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

To put it straight, Salesforce Sales Cloud, the Customer Relationship Management platform was designed and developed to effectively turn your entire process of sales and marketing within enterprises. This Cloud portal is user-friendly and applicable to both B2C and B2B business domains to connect to your clients.

This single tool incorporates a bundle of solutions centered on brand promotion and engagement, inclusive of digital marketing, better lead generation, higher sales, accurate business analytics, and better customer service. And the good thing is, Salesforce Sales Cloud is usable both through the digital web and your smartphone as it is a SaaS (Software as a Service).

Notable Features of the Salesforce Sales Cloud

To the point of Salesforce Sales Cloud features, there are so many options that can make your business operations easier, efficient, and productive as well.

  • Sales executives can indeed avoid the repetition of data through Process Builders.
  • The accounts department can expect crucial insights from social media platforms.
  • ROI of outbound marketing campaigns could be well analyzed.
  • As per the demand scenario, you can fix the cost estimates of your products or services using the Pricebook option.
  • To bring better decision-making opportunities, the Sales Cloud Einstein helps give insights on key trends and what is the interpretation from your historical pipeline information.
  • From quotes to codes, you can get live updates with Opportunity Management.
  • Lead management can be possibly personalized at any stage of your campaign.

Additionally, different departments within an enterprise can actually avail unique features of the Salesforce Sales Cloud platform based on their needs, requirements, and business preferences. And yes, these features and options make Salesforce the best among the many other CRM software applications available today in the markets.

6 Advantages of Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation

As we touched on some important features, now let us deep-dive into the part of the 6 main Salesforce Sales Cloud benefits that your organization can get.

  • Reliable Reporting:

Merely utilizing the data collected from Buffer or Google Analytics will not be resourceful for your business to make actionable decisions in the long run. You must have collated, well-segregated data that speaks volumes when it comes to analytics. In this sense, this CRM does the job right; you can get the visible advantage of identifying which digital source did a particular customer utilize to land on your business!

  • Dashboards:

How nice will it be for someone to have the technology to enter all your department metrics into one? Well, Salesforce Cloud does it by catering to offer graphical representation for all your stored data. All you have to do is set up a customized dashboard and provide the login credentials to the members. So, the next time, if you want the CTR rate for your email marketing campaign, this platform has got you covered!

  • Personalized Outreach with Automation:

Individual differences exist with people and the same applies to your target market as well. Be it your primary market or the segmented category, it is vital to research, analyze, understand, and then offer what genuinely your customer needs from your business. To reach that point of consumer expectation, using Salesforce Sales Cloud is ideal; since you can customize your client connectivity based on the target person for better results!

  • Prompt Service:

Regardless of whether you are managing a manual campaign or an automated service, your marketing solution must be prompt to the audience. Saying that Salesforce indeed will give you timely results, thus assuring better serviceability to your customers. Moreover, you don’t have to spend time on what your former clients and customers expect from your organization, as you will have all the data stored in your CRM rightly!

  • Automation Improves Efficiency:

To achieve high efficiency within your organization, you must consider automating your procedures and marketing protocols. And for that, make the best use of Salesforce Cloud as it will cut down the time spent on finding the leads and navigating to them. But the best part is that you will also have chatbots in place to answer the basic, most assumed queries that your customers will ask for, hence giving you time to plan your next big campaign!

  • Effective Collaboration:

Remember, that you must give portal login details to your concerned members? In that sense, this CRM offers great collaborative work made possible across devices and software channels. Just by entering your login credentials, the shared person will get access to all the vital data, and this advantage applies to any number of departments and any type of team too as it helps multiple people to interact and work simultaneously!

Your Takeaway

If you have plans to hire a reputable Salesforce Integration Company, then ensure to collect the benefits of efficiency, promptness, automation, and reliability of your data with the highly trending and best CRM as of date, the Salesforce Sales Cloud!

Remi Head of Operations at Renovo Financial, LLC

"Bakul from Aspire Software Consultancy has been integral in implementing Renovo’s manual business processes into the Salesforce system. He has an amazing team that works around the clock to deliver on all of our requests. Since partnering with his team, we have been freed up to spend more of our time thinking of creative ways to improve our business, leaving the execution piece to him. We have worked with numerous developers in the past and no one else has been as consistent & thoughtful. Any time we have had an idea, Bakul has found a way to write the code and implement it for us. Partnering with him has transformed our business. Bakul and his team are very communicative, very proficient in writing code, and actually collaborate with each project, providing feedback as to how they can improve upon my initial project ideas. We have been working together for almost two years now, and we plan to continue doing business together for the foreseeable future."

Måns Johansson Network manager

"Aspire helping us create a unique digital platform used in the Dental market. From first contact to deployment of platform, and ongoing it has been a professional and swift. Aspire has helped us to build, fine-tune our new platform. The Dentnet group highly recommends Aspire software.

Rob McNicoll Director - Copper Monkey Ltd.

"Overall I strongly recommend Aspire. I’ve worked with many different suppliers over the last decade, but in the last 3 years have only used Aspire as they have consistently provided the performance I require in my business."

Craig Vaughan Founder and Director - BrokerEngine

"Aspire team has worked incredibly hard and taken ownership of the BrokerEngine product development and support/enhancements project as of their own product. I would highly recommend Aspire Team for any such software project development."

John Ragsdale Chief Information Officer at EyeCare Services Partners (ESP)

"Great development team! Great architect skills, great ideas, experience with many different types of apps, etc."

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