Salesforce Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Salesforce Trends 2019

Salesforce Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

2018 saw many technologies develop and trends form. At the same time, we saw some salesforce development companies doing very well while others sunk in the infancy. However, one technology that developed in leaps and bounds was artificial intelligence. AI led to the development of different products and solutions, especially in the field of sales and marketing. Let’s check out the top trends that we can expect to see in 2019.

More companies will begin to use AI

Though a lot of people were talking about AI many years earlier, the best salesforce consulting companies became serious about using AI in their services and solutions in 2018. This year, we will be seeing an increase in businesses using artificial intelligence, not just in marketing and sales, but also in other verticals. AI is sure to bring about major restructuring in many businesses, from the way product cycles are being designed to the way the products are being marketed.

Customer service will become proactive

Customer services were originally reactive. When the clients or customers had problems with the services/products, the customer service team would step in to clear the mess. But now customer service is becoming proactive. From checking on services offered to customers to connecting with customers to check if the product is working fine, the salesforce development company will step in before minor complaints balloon into huge problems.

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Self-serve IT will go big

IT cycles and teams will undergo major changes in this year. IT teams will be encouraged to expand their base and look for more customer-centric solutions for various challenges. The development of application network by use of externalizable API building blocks will enable decentralization of IT and related business.

Marketing will get more personalized

AI will be used to track customer preferences, buying trends, sales percentages and other data to provide personalized marketing services. From targeting ads based on browsing history to providing customized plans for various services, marketing will get a lot more personal in 2019.

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Collaboration will go vertical

Most of the collaboration tools that are in use now work horizontally leading to communication gaps between levels. Going forward, we will be seeing vertical collaboration in many salesforce consulting companies. From templates to workflows and platforms, tools will not only be specifically designed for each industry, but also spawning across the verticals to deliver better and accurate solutions.

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