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Discover the potential of the Salesforce CRM which has been adapted to your specific needs with the help of Aspire Software Consultancy. Our team will install and configure all the modules essential to tailor the programs according to the needs of your industry. We can also fine-tune the modules so that they work flawlessly as one coherent process.

We tailor your Salesforce solutions in two ways that differ from each other in the level of impact on the platforms and the degree of complexity as well as cost:

  1. Salesforce configuration

We suggest going for a Salesforce configuration when the modification of data model, UI and the business logic of your Salesforce solution with point-and-click tools is sufficient to meet your needs. The possible configurations include the creation of reports and dashboards, validation and workflow rules, tabs and apps with various default Salesforce tools, installation of AppExchange applications, etc.

  1. Salesforce customization

If there is specific Salesforce functionality that cannot be obtained with configuration, Salesforce customization services are preferred. The solution is modified with code.

You need Salesforce customization services, when:

  • There is a large amount of data and complicated business logic that can’t be covered with the default Salesforce functionality.
  • Configured reports or dashboards do not show all necessary data related to your business processes.
  • The integration with the external systems such as ERP and e-commerce systems, etc. is essential for your business.


Be it migration to Salesforce or integration of your website that leads into Salesforce, our team has extensive experience in offering cost-effective Salesforce integration services that will help you achieve a number of benefits.

Our primary Salesforce customization services include:

  • Existing Solution Customization

We customize your existing Salesforce solution according to your current business needs. Our Salesforce solution is designed keeping the future requirement changes of your business organization in mind.

  • Custom reports and Dashboards

Our budget-friendly Salesforce customization can build features that produce custom reports. Our custom services also include revamping of your internal dashboards according to your business needs.

  • Custom Consoles

Customized Salesforce consoles can simplify your routine CRM tasks and streamline the processes. Our experts can help in building bespoke solutions and training your employees to work with them efficiently.

  • App Customization

We can reshape your Salesforce mobile apps so that you can connect with your clients in a better way. Custom tabs and features are introduced, making your apps more appealing as well as user-friendly.

  • Custom Email Services

You can communicate with your clients better through customized emails. Our Salesforce support services can define your specific objects, fields as well as relationships to give a personal touch to your emails.

  • Data & Access Management Customization

We can revamp your data management wizards, third-party integrators and access management connectors to build a complete BI solution for you.


At Aspire Software Consultancy, we know how you can benefit from Salesforce customization. Here is the list of benefits that can be obtained as a result of CRM customization:

  • Increase in revenue

We ensure that all CRM related procedures are fine-tuned, necessary integrations are done and customer communication is proper and personalized. These factors contribute to an appreciable revenue increase.

  • High ROI

You will get bigger numbers of ROI as a result of our Salesforce customization projects.

  • Productivity increase

Salesforce customization by Aspire Software Consultancy is done with user convenience in mind which will help you to get more tangible business growth.

Why Choose Aspire Software Consultancy's Salesforce Customization Services?

Aspire Software Consultancy has more than eleven years of experience and handled 500+ projects successfully from 12 + countries. Being the best Salesforce service company, we have a dynamic team of professionals having great expertise in Salesforce development and consulting services. Our professionals have an in-depth knowledge of the Salesforce system, its features and many possible ways of its optimization. We also have rich experience in Salesforce integration with third party software.

Our work is based on proven development practices that include Coding Guidelines, Continuous Integration Setup and Security Policies. We will provide you with the best solutions which will fit your budget, testing as well as deployment needs.

List of Salesforce products we work on

  • Sales Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Service Cloud.
  • Community Cloud.

Other Related Services

If you are looking for the best Salesforce customisation in India then talk to our experts regarding your specific needs and know our Salesforce managed services pricing!

ASC Expert Area

CLOUD COMPUTING| software companies in bangalore

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM

We offer cloud consulting services for Salesforce CRM and MS Dynamics CRM applications.

CLOUD COMPUTING| software companies in bangalore

MS Dynamics CRM

MS Dynamics CRM

We offer cloud consulting services for Salesforce CRM and MS Dynamics CRM applications.

Web Application| software companies in bangalore

Web Application

Web Application

Capability and expertise to design, develop and implement Enterprise Web Applications.

Mobile Development| software companies in bangalore

Mobile Development

Mobile Development

Multi Platform mobile applications development with device adaptive navigation.

Ecommerce Website Development| software companies in bangalore

Ecommerce Website Development


Our E-commerce expert developers can help you design your dream E-shop.

DESKTOP APPLICATIONS | software companies in bangalore

Desktop Applications


ASC has handled a wide variety of applications such as CRM, HRM, Email Centre, Survey connect.

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Enterprise Solution Development


We design customized software solutions in database applications

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Product Engineering


ASC leverage rich technology and domain expertise to present software product engineering.

IT STAFF AUGMENTATION| software companies in bangalore

IT Staff Augmentation


ASC offers staff augmentation, team services that meet your organizational & business objectives

Software Consulting

Software Consulting

Software Consulting

ASC IT support services can be profitable in meeting end-user demands.

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Razor Syntax,Angular Framework,
React Js, Jquery/Javascript, HTML,CSS



Microsoft .Net Web API,
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Framework MVC, J2EE,
Spring framework, Kafka



SQL Server, Mongo DB,
Cassandra, Apache Ignite




Object Relational
Mapper [ORM]

Object Relational
Mapper [ORM]

Entity framework

3rd Party Controls

3rd Party Controls

DevExpress, DevExtreme

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