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Salesforce Development Company in (Bangalore) India, USA

Be a part of the Cloud Computing Revolution

ASC is a software development company in India, USA that also offers cloud consulting services for Salesforce CRM and MS Dynamics CRM applications. We believe that the slickest technology solution isn’t worth much if it isn’t built for your business. We’re and Microsoft Dynamics consultants who help put your business on top.

Salesforce is more than a CRM product and it has grown to become a platform that can help you manage your entire business. The repertoire of clouds includes Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, Community, Financial Services, Health and IoT clouds that seamlessly integrate to cover every aspect of your business. Experience with a host of customers across a diverse range of industries will help the Salesforce developer identify the most suitable products for your business

Salesforce Development Company (SFDC) India, USA

Salesforce is a powerful tool for marketing and promotions. We are a Salesforce development company in Bangalore, India who can design and optimise your sales process to maximise cross-selling, up-selling and deliver an effective personalised marketing that appeals to your customers. With more than 100 enterprise custom cloud engagements across sales, marketing, service, collaboration, and operations, ASC Salesforce consulting services bring a real-world understanding of how to empower every part of your business with cloud and mobile solutions.

Though we are one of the best Salesforce consulting companies in Bangalore, India, our loyalty is towards our clients and not the technology of the day or any of the large software vendors. We aim to work with the best technology for the benefit of our clients and their customers. Our Salesforce consulting services help companies grow and prosper with cloud administration.

Not sure if Salesforce is the right choice for you? Need help charting the right strategy for your business? Send us a message and someone from our team of Salesforce implementation services will contact you soon.

Salesforce CRM Features

  1. Sales Cloud
    Sales Cloud has all the important features that you need for CRM like managing leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, and email integration. Alternatively, there is an option to access salesforce data from Gmail.
  2. Service Cloud
    Service Cloud has a number of features such as the ability to chat with the consumers across multiple platforms like IM, SMS, and social media. There is also an integrated field service option in Salesforce that enables the team to see all communication with particular customers.
  3. Marketing Cloud
    With the marketing cloud feature in Salesforce, organizations can easily connect with all their data across multiple sources and be more familiar with their customers. Communications with potential customers are personalized with the power of AI. End-to-end marketing effectiveness is measured across different digital channels. This world-class digital platform can unify the data sources, engage in any stage of relationship with the brand, and also track the performance of each and every campaign efficiently.

As per recent research by International Data Corporation, Salesforce has up to 20% of share in the CRM market which is continuously growing, making it one of the fastest-growing platforms in the present time.

Salesforce Certified Development Company
Salesforce Certified Development Company
Salesforce Certified Development Company
Salesforce Certified Development Company


  • Sales Cloud/ Service Cloud/ Community Cloud
  • Workflow & Approvals
  • Chatter implementation
  • Lightning implementation
  • Data Migration and Instance migration
  • Integration with external (legacy) systems
  • Customer Portal/Partner Portal/Self-Registration/Self-Service
  • Setting up security
  • App development for AppExchange
  • Web-to-Lead, Email-to-Case
  • Creating Dashboards and Reports
  • Collaborative and Customizable Forecasting
  • sites
  • Conga Merge/ EchoSign / DocuSign / CalendarAnything apps


  • Creating custom controllers , visualforce pages and Lightning
  • Writing apex triggers and bulkifying triggers
  • Overriding default behaviour
  • Future methods and Batch apex
  • Developing custom visualforce components
  • Record sharing through apex
  • Integrating YUI (Yahoo UI)/jQuery components in Visualforce
  • Inbound and Outbound Email services
  • Webservice callouts and creating web services to be called from external applications
  • Scheduled Jobs


  • Construction tracking app for Builders
  • Guide app for Tour Operator ( site)
  • Clinical trial tracking/management
  • Medical billing application for US based medical billing market
  • Rental Space Tracking – Hawthorne Retail Partner
  • Advertising Order booking for print media company
  • Purchase Order Management and Carrier booking
  • Knowledgebase Creation – Salesforce Content


  • Salesforce – SAP BusinessOne integration (native)
  • Salesforce – CMS (SharePoint, Alfresco)
  • Salesforce – JD Edwards integration (middleware)
  • Salesforce – Quickbooks integration (middleware/native)
  • Salefsorce – FogBugs integration (middleware)

Salesforce  Integration projects

Salesforce - Quickbooks Integration

Salesforce - Quickbooks Integration



Salesforce - SAP B1 Integration

Salesforce - SAP B1 Integration

Salesforce - JD Edwards Integration

Salesforce - JD Edwards Integration

Salesforce Consulting

Salesforce Consulting

Our Salesforce Consulting Services are powered by the best Salesforce developers in the field who make us one of the best Salesforce consulting companies in USA. They will help your Sales, Customer services, Marketing and Technology departments to translate their vision into technology solutions by changing the entire approach and not just technology.

Salesforce Customization

Salesforce Customization

We offer end-to-end Salesforce Customization Services in Bangalore, India for the cloud that involves developing applications, collaborating cloud applications and supporting cloud solutions for your end users. Our team of Salesforce developers will make the transition a smooth one.

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration

Integrate your organisation’s existing systems into one centralised, accessible platform. Our Salesforce integration services in India, USA  lets you cut down on waste, achieve efficiency and reduce costs dramatically. Our Salesforce developers will help you achieve the desired results effectively.

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How Your Business Will Benefit by Implementing Salesforce Solutions

As one of the best salesforce consulting companies in India, we have implemented this technology in many organisations. The various ways in which your business will benefit by implementing Salesforce solutions are:
5 Reasons Why Salesforce is the Best CRM
Better understanding of customer requirement

Customer satisfaction is the key metric that determines the success of any company, big or small. Salesforce applications allow you to gain valuable information from customer data such as transactions, preferences, concerns and needs. Analysing all this information will give you a clear idea of your customer requirement. From research to product development and sales and marketing, all the departments can use this information to deliver better services. As a leading Salesforce development company, we focus on delivering solutions that will help you get a 360 degree view of customer information that you can use to streamline your process and provide better user experience.

Better planning and organisation

Salesforce platform can be used for effective account planning. The customisable options offered on this platform will allow your team to create to-do items, update tasks, set up reminders, and plan the numerous tasks required for the process. The unified approach to planning and organisation at a department level or company level enhances the efficiency of the work.

Automate Tasks

One of the key features of Salesforce that improves productivity and performance is its automation option. Depending on your business model and process, there may be tons of small tasks like filling forms, weekly/monthly report generation, addressing legal issues and lots more. These repetitive tasks can be automated to save your team’s time and efforts. Your team will then be able to focus their efforts on improving customer relationship or enhancing business processes instead of spending time on these repetitive tasks.

Want to improve your customer relationship and business performance? Contact us for implementation and customisation of Salesforce platform.

Our Salesforce Services

Salesforce Development

Salesforce is a powerful tool for marketing and promotions. We are a Salesforce development company in Bangalore, India who can design and optimise your sales process to maximise cross-selling, up-selling and deliver an effective personalised marketing that appeals to your customers.

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Salesforce Integration

Salesforce integration can give easier access to all your data, streamline procedures, ensure better analytics and higher ROI but only if your integration partner is capable of handling your data properly and assures success. At Aspire Software Consultancy, we help business organizations develop integration between Salesforce and their existing systems.

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Salesforce Consulting

Witness the best Salesforce consulting services at Aspire Software Consultancy and connect your potential clients in a whole new way. This will help you in building more meaningful and long lasting relationships with your clients by getting a better understanding of their needs, finding new opportunities, addressing all problems, and deploying customer-friendly platforms quickly.

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Salesforce Customization

Discover the potential of the Salesforce CRM which has been adapted to your specific needs with the help of Aspire Software Consultancy. Our team will install and configure all the modules essential to tailor the programs according to the needs of your industry. We can also fine-tune the modules so that they work flawlessly as one coherent process.

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Salesforce Implementation

A properly planned Salesforce implementation can improve the productivity of any workplace and enhance brand experiences. Aspire Software Consultancy is a reputed Salesforce implementation company acclaimed for its top quality Salesforce customization services in Bangalore. By choosing our services, you can streamline your business processes and improve your operational efficiencies.

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ASC Expert Area

CLOUD COMPUTING| software companies in bangalore

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM

We offer cloud consulting services for Salesforce CRM and MS Dynamics CRM applications.

CLOUD COMPUTING| software companies in bangalore

MS Dynamics CRM

MS Dynamics CRM

We offer cloud consulting services for Salesforce CRM and MS Dynamics CRM applications.

Web Application| software companies in bangalore

Web Application

Web Application

Capability and expertise to design, develop and implement Enterprise Web Applications.

Mobile Development| software companies in bangalore

Mobile Development

Mobile Development

Multi Platform mobile applications development with device adaptive navigation.

Ecommerce Website Development| software companies in bangalore

Ecommerce Website Development


Our E-commerce expert developers can help you design your dream E-shop.

DESKTOP APPLICATIONS | software companies in bangalore

Desktop Applications


ASC has handled a wide variety of applications such as CRM, HRM, Email Centre, Survey connect.

Enterprise Solution Development| software companies in bangalore

Enterprise Solution Development


We design customized software solutions in database applications

Product Engineering| software companies in bangalore

Product Engineering


ASC leverage rich technology and domain expertise to present software product engineering.

IT STAFF AUGMENTATION| software companies in bangalore

IT Staff Augmentation


ASC offers staff augmentation, team services that meet your organizational & business objectives

Software Consulting

Software Consulting

Software Consulting

ASC IT support services can be profitable in meeting end-user demands.

Domain Expertise

Customer Relationship

Enterprise Resource
Planning [ERP]


Technology We are Expert in



Angular, Angular js, MVC, Winforms, Razor Views,
jQuery/Javascript, React Js, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, HTML 5, CSS3



Microsoft .Net/.Net core Web API,
RESTful services, Web Services, WCF



C#, VB.Net



.Net, .Net Core, .Net
5.0/6.0, MVC



Microsoft SQL Server,
MY SQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo DB



Microsoft SSRS, RDLC, Crystal Reports

Object Relational
Mapper [ORM]

Object Relational
Mapper [ORM]

Entity Framework, EF Core, Dapper

3rd Party Controls

3rd Party Controls

DevExpress, DevExtreme


What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a CRM system that helps the sales team manage leads, clients, accounts, activities, marketing campaigns and lots more?

What are the benefits of using Salesforce?

With Salesforce, you can efficiently manage a large variety of processes critical to business success from a single platform. Not only can you automate the sales process, but you can also customize workflows, easily monitor the flow of information, have access to actionable data, and also reduce communication loopholes between various stakeholders. The platform has all the tools you need to transform your customer relationship management and also accelerate sales.

What are all the services that Salesforce supports?

Some of the in-demand services provided by this platform include:

  • Salesforce Einstein
  • Salesforce Collaboration
  • Salesforce Community Cloud
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Salesforce Industry Products
  • Salesforce Integration Cloud
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Quip
How does use cloud computing?

Salesforce facilitates the smooth functioning of a wide range of applications over the cloud. The platform offers Sales cloud, marketing cloud, service cloud, and analytics cloud. SMBs and enterprises can use the Salesforce cloud computing environment and reduce their dependence on traditional software that is cumbersome to use and maintain.

How long does a Salesforce implementation take?

A properly planned and structured process is required to complete salesforce implementation as per the timeline (which may vary). Salesforce development service providers can create a phased schedule where you can educate and familiarise the users with the basics of the platform and then gradually cover all the major milestones.

Why should I get the support of a company for Salesforce implementation services instead of doing it myself?

A salesforce development company has the necessary resources and skills to undertake the task of migrating all your data without any loss. Plus, they have industry and product expertise. They also handle all challenges and complete the migration as quickly as possible so that you don’t have any loss of valuable working hours.

Is Salesforce technology used for app development?

You can create applications and develop websites using Salesforce’s PaaS platform,

Why is there so much demand for Salesforce lightning?

Salesforce lighting delivers on its promise for improved user experience with its modern UI. The robust tools and slick features contribute to its growing demand. The Einstein-powered Search function is a top feature of this interface.

How can a Salesforce implementation partner help my company?

A certified Salesforce partner has in-depth knowledge of the platform, its features and benefits. The partner can offer salesforce integration services and configure the platform as per your requirement and also migrate from existing system to Sales Cloud.

What makes Aspire Software Consultancy one of the best salesforce consulting companies?

We have a proven track record of Salesforce implementation and migration. Plus, we have more than a decade of experience in this field. You can also checkout our portfolio and look into our client testimonials to get an understanding of the quality of service that we offer. We also offer the best-in-class salesforce customization in India.

When I migrate to Salesforce, do I have to have to move my entire org at the same time?

No. In fact, we suggest migrating to Salesforce in phases starting with a pilot and then moving on to complex systems.

Who should I contact in case I have questions about Salesforce migration?

Just drop an email at or call us at +91-80-26780972

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