Salesforce Integration Services

Salesforce integration can give easier access to all your data, streamline procedures, ensure better analytics and higher ROI but only if your integration partner is capable of handling your data properly and assures success. At Aspire Software Consultancy, we help business organizations develop integration between Salesforce and their existing systems.

Salesforce Integration Approaches

App Based Integration

Direct Integration

Salesforce integration with Custom Middleware

Salesforce Integrations with Third party Integration Platforms

Our Integration Process

A customised Salesforce integration procedure involves understanding your business goals, crafting a suitable implementation plan and providing the required training to you and your team so that your Salesforce integration is impactful. As your reliable Salesforce integration services partner in [USA] San Francisco, CA we always want to make sure that you have been set-up for success when the process is complete.

Process Analysis

Aspire software consultancy team is not only highly competent in all things related to Salesforce but they also understand the business strategy and procedures. Before our team begins the integration process, we will conduct a requirement session to understand your specific needs. During this session, we conduct interviews to understand the present state of your work environment, and what you desire it to be in the future. There can be a need for customised application integration beyond the software, cloud services or any other additional application integrations with Salesforce.

Salesforce Configuration

After we have understood your needs and procedures, we will prepare specifications and implementation strategies so that a suitable Salesforce environment is ready for your Salesforce integrations. This may involve: 

  • Building objects
  • Building dashboards
  • Building fields
  • Building or automating processes
Data Migration

One of the ways to get all the great benefits from the Salesforce integration services in [USA] San Francisco, CA is by preparing your data for integration efficiently. Collecting data from different sources can be messy. It has to be prepared before it can give any insights into your business operations.

The three steps to get your data ready for a Salesforce integration are:

  • Sourcing
  • Integrating
  • Transforming and cleaning

Once the data is prepared for migration, it has to be defined, on what frequency it will come in or out.

Collection, preparation and migration of data is time consuming and quite risky that’s why it’s important to have an expert integration partner who can prepare and migrate your valuable data for Salesforce integration.

Training Process

After your Salesforce integration has been completed, our team will review the solution and train your employees so that you get the most out of your investment. We will make sure that you understand how to manage your data so that you are able to do some future adjustments on your own. When you have the knowledge and capability to manipulate your data, you can easily create your own reports as well as dashboards that will help you:

  • Consolidate the data to unlock your hidden revenue
  • Find better opportunities to upsell your existing clients
  • Boost revenue
  • Provide you better insights
  • Identify better opportunities to streamline your operational efficiency
  • Identify the training opportunities

Salesforce Integration Options

ERP integration

It is one of the most common Salesforce integration options. Salesforce to ERP integration will enable you to align Front Office Sales with Fulfilment and Back office efficiently by placing your order directly in ERP.

Accounting integration

Many small & mid-sized businesses use accounting software such as Quickbooks and Xero. They can flawlessly create the invoices from Salesforce and obtain financial information. Accounting Software integrations reduce the double data entry and offer better control over invoicing as well as payment collection.

Marketing automation integration

Marketing automation integration systems help in aligning the Marketing and Sales functions. Such integrations enable you in designing successful journeys, engaging with better prospects, lead nurturing and help in better campaign management.

Social media integration

To provide personalized customer experience, an organization has to keep on the top of its customers’ thoughts. With social media integration, you can track prospects and increase your visibility.

CTI or Computer Telephony Integration

Computer Telephony Integration with third party telephony can help in improving the customer services of an organization. Some common cases include One Click Calls, Call Routing & Distribution, Automatic Calling, Call Popups, Call Recording, Call Logging, and Call Metrics.

E-commerce integration

If any organization is using an e-commerce platform such as Magento or Shopify, integrating it with Salesforce can help it to be on the top and enable it to provide better customer service. These integrations can integrate customer information, order information and inventory information.

Personal planner and email integration

A considerable improvement in productivity is seen when personal planners and emails are integrated. It also offers a seamless user experience and there is no need to switch between applications.

ITSM integration

To make the customer experience outstanding, an organization needs to bring the tech as well as service departments together in a single client-centric environment through the integration of their tools. Such integrations will enable to manage the workflows, search data efficiently and track incidents.

Salesforce Integration Projects

Certified Salesforce Professionals


SDFC-Quickbooks Integration


Fogbugs-SFDC Integration


Salesforce SAP-B1 Integration


Salesforce JD Edwards Integration









Salesforce Integration Projects

Certified Salesforce Professionals

SDFC-Quickbooks Integration
Fogbugs-SFDC Integration
Salesforce SAP-B1 Integration
Salesforce JD Edwards Integration

Why Choose Us as Your Salesforce Integration Partner?

Quality with On Time Delivery

Aspire Software Consultancy is an ISO 9001 certified company committed to provide a quality outcome. We strive for unremitting improvement and offer superior salesforce integration services [USA] San Francisco, CA across the entire business. We always take pride in on-time delivery, while maintaining top quality standards

Highly Experienced

Our team comprises dynamic and qualified professionals having a vast experience in Information Technology. We boast more than 500 projects with 200+ happy clients in 12+ countries. Our team has done integration of Salesforce with Xero, SAP, Quickbooks, SharePoint, Amazon, etc. We can help in managing every aspect of your business including sales, marketing, service, commerce, finance, security, health, etc. Our aim is to work with the most cutting edge technologies for the benefit of our clients and help your company prosper with cloud administration.


We provide flexibility to our clients once we become their trustworthy salesforce developer. You can choose any model which is suitable for your needs. Our salesforce consulting service model may last till the end of the engagement or can be conveniently customised at any future date. We ensure to provide our attention with great service and there will be no overhead charges like our competitors.


Remi Gangarossa Chief Operations Officer at Renovo Financial, LLC

"Bakul from Aspire Software Consultancy has been integral in implementing Renovo’s manual business processes into the Salesforce system. He has an amazing team that works around the clock to deliver on all of our requests. Since partnering with his team, we have been freed up to spend more of our time thinking of creative ways to improve our business, leaving the execution piece to him. We have worked with numerous developers in the past and no one else has been as consistent & thoughtful. Any time we have had an idea, Bakul has found a way to write the code and implement it for us. Partnering with him has transformed our business. Bakul and his team are very communicative, very proficient in writing code, and actually collaborate with each project, providing feedback as to how they can improve upon my initial project ideas. We have been working together for almost two years now, and we plan to continue doing business together for the foreseeable future."

Måns Johansson Network manager

"Aspire helping us create a unique digital platform used in the Dental market. From first contact to deployment of platform, and ongoing it has been a professional and swift. Aspire has helped us to build, fine-tune our new platform. The Dentnet group highly recommends Aspire software.

Rob McNicoll Director - Copper Monkey Ltd.

"Overall I strongly recommend Aspire. I’ve worked with many different suppliers over the last decade, but in the last 3 years have only used Aspire as they have consistently provided the performance I require in my business."

Craig Vaughan Founder and Director - BrokerEngine

"Aspire team has worked incredibly hard and taken ownership of the BrokerEngine product development and support/enhancements project as of their own product. I would highly recommend Aspire Team for any such software project development."

John Ragsdale Chief Information Officer at EyeCare Services Partners (ESP)

"Great development team! Great architect skills, great ideas, experience with many different types of apps, etc."

Our Client speaks

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