All That You Should Know About Quip for Salesforce

quip integration with salesforce

All That You Should Know About Quip for Salesforce

Quip for Salesforce

The latest vision of Salesforce for maximizing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) aims at going beyond the concept that is prevalent now. The acquisition of Quip by Salesforce three years ago is considered as a bold, innovative move towards building modern high-productivity apps directly into the CRM. Now, businesses can use the advanced solutions to transform sales process and improve coordination in sales teams. To get the best results from Salesforce, hire professional Salesforce consulting services to implement and train your team in using this platform effectively.

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Introducing Quip for Salesforce

The leading Salesforce consulting companies emphasize the importance of the coordinated working of Quip and Salesforce to deliver the desired results in a typical CRM. As per the latest update of Salesforce, businesses can now embed collaborative documents, including spreadsheets, chat rooms, and slides by Quip within the respective records and objects of Salesforce. The powerful addition of the Quip modules helps in transforming how Service as well as Sales teams work and coordinate with each other on a given Salesforce platform.

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Some of the advanced Quip features that have been embedded in the Salesforce platform include:

  • Real-time editing, messaging, and commenting in the slides, spreadsheets, and chat rooms
  • Built-in, contextual chat facility in every document such that all work is carried out directly in the given Salesforce
  • Robust as well as rich content creation along with mobile collaboration and social messaging
  • Salesforce and Quip are regarded as a secure way of decision-making and exchanging data
  • Admin on the Salesforce platform can ensure enforcing the vital business processes with the best-practice and use single-click document templates
  • Quip for Salesforce is 100 percent cloud-based for enhanced operation

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Quip for Salesforce is thought to bring ample productivity directly into the Lightning platform, allowing developers as well as admins to automatically link the right Quip-based doc at the right time within the right record of Salesforce. Make the most of Quip for your Salesforce platform.

Aspire Software Consultancy is one of the leading Salesforce consulting companies that not just helps implement, but also regularly update and train your team in using this platform. Contact us for professional Salesforce consulting services.

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