Salesforce IoT Cloud System: Connect with Your Customers Proactively

Salesforce IoT Cloud System

Salesforce IoT Cloud System: Connect with Your Customers Proactively

What is Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things or IoT is the system of connecting physical devices embedded with electronics, software, sensors and actuators to the cloud and to each other. It allows the data from these devices to be used for increased productivity and efficiency. Various connectivity options, reduced connectivity costs and increased number of devices for capturing data have contributed to easy connectivity of things to the Internet. Anything that can be powered on, can become a part of an IoT application ranging from consumer products and industrial systems to commercial devices.

Advantage of IoT for businesses

The evolving IoT is motivating businesses to generate value from the trillions of events generated via the connected devices, more so after the partnership between Salesforce IoT Cloud and AWS IoT. You may take the help of any Salesforce development company such as Aspire Software Consultancy, to combine device data with consumer data in Salesforce and build meaningful customer experiences based on real time activity across the connected devices.

Salesforce IoT Cloud

IoT Cloud is powered by Salesforce Thunder that connects billions of events from sensors, devices, apps and more of the IoT to Salesforce, allowing the capture of huge amounts of data with which you can do the following:

  • Listen to the world around you, especially your consumers, at the IoT scale
  • Trigger actions with real time rules
  • Engage with them in a proactive manner


The role of a Saleforce development company

A good Salesforce development services company such as Aspire Software Consultancy can help you design and develop the right IoT solution for your business with the following advantages:

  • develop the right applications for the connected products using the Salesforce platform
  • get information from connected devices via the right Salesforce APIs
  • provide a unified view by integrating the existing IoT applications with Salesforce
  • develop intuitive tools to identify the significant events and trigger appropriate actions in their response
  • automate actions in any Salesforce Cloud with integrated applications

In-house Salesforce Administrator or on Demand

The right Salesforce development services company can help you develop, implement, maintain and customize your own IoT application that lets you engage with your customers more proactively for the betterment of your business.

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