What are the Top Salesforce Predictions for 2021?

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What are the Top Salesforce Predictions for 2021?

While the year 2020 left the world economy in ruins forcing waves of bankruptcies, mass layoffs and government bail-outs. The Coronavirus pandemic has been a challenging time for everyone and adversely affected many businesses. In this blog, we will analyze what has changed in marketing, sales and other industries in the past year and what are the future trends of Salesforce integration services in 2021 to keep up with the latest international market needs.

Know the Predictions for Salesforce in 2021

  1. The Rise of Hyperforce

After Slack-acquisition, Salesforce planned to re-architect themselves by creating a foundation platform in the form of Hyperforce around which revolves the single source of truth that comprises of the Customer 360 platform and an App ecosystem to connect with the clients and deliver perfection from anywhere across the cloud. This vision is certainly going to disrupt the way businesses work at the pandemic moment and will never return to the manner they worked before the pandemic, creating a significant change in the form of Cloud 3.0.

  1. Rebranding the Community Cloud for Optimal Experience

In an endeavor to showcase that communities are not limited to connecting partners, employees, or clients via user portals, Salesforce has incorporated marketing experiences, content management systems (CMS), digital experiences and much more. The inclusion of Mobile Publisher and Salesforce Knowledge can help in enriching the CMS and overall engagement experience.

By incorporating the best CRM, the above-mentioned features mitigate the burden on the support team that must be available 24×7 to ensure success across client journeys and make it very convenient to administrate. This cloud would allow easier reach and boost your profits through lead generation, enable online events and acceptance of payments via communities and also aid you to build a specific space to meet all your requirements to enhance growth on a large scale.

  1. The Significance of Slack Acquisition

What is the importance of Slack that makes it a worthy investment for Salesforce? Marc Benioff defines it as something that can “transform the way everyone works in the all-digital, work-from-anywhere world.”

In the coming times, work will adapt appreciably to employee-centric ways allowing them to have a good work-life balance that fits perfectly to their needs. This will enhance employee communication taking place in an official capacity via digital channels. Slack is likely to become the main system of engagement for Salesforce employees, clients as well as partners who are collaborating and communicating worldwide. Slack Connect is also one of the high-value offerings which are responsible for such a high acquisition price. It allows cross-company connections that are used by millions of users on a daily basis to drive engagement.

  1. Investment in Salesforce Talent

The development and adoption of the Salesforce Talent Alliance by more than 100 partner companies within a few months of its launch reflect the value of a single pool creation and caters to all talent requirements at different organizations. With Salesforce emerging as a market leader, it wants its workforce to flourish as well in order to maintain this growth. With most companies demanding only experienced professionals, a huge pool of fresh talent is left. Salesforce invested in this program which is advantageous for the entire Salesforce development ecosystem.

  1. Transforming Customer’s Buying experience with Revenue Cloud

Revenue Cloud can improve customer’s buying experiences while bringing greater control and visibility into the revenue potential for B2B companies. It would automate quote configurations, revenue, margins, and cost, allowing better efficiency for sales as well as revenue leaders. This would also make proper use of Tableau acquisition to provide real-time insights and enhance decision-making with the help of intuitive dashboards. Since the latest digital business models are being developed after the pandemic, setting subscription pricing and optimization of revenue across various digital channels would be achievable.

It will be exciting to witness the above mentioned predictions turning into reality as all these innovations leverage the Salesforce acquisitions. And, if you are on the lookout for any Salesforce implementation services, Aspire Software Consultancy can help. Being a reputed ISO certified Salesforce Development Company, we offer reliable and prompt services that will fit your budget and deadline. For more information on Salesforce customization, visit here.


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