Offshore Software Development Services

Offshore software development services are usually offered by a third party from a country different from that of the customer’s country. The services include product design and architecture, coding and testing, Internet/intranet solutions, e-commerce, CRM, project management and other special web services including Web 2.0 solutions. They involve the establishment and maintenance of software applications by using the expertise in the fields of software development, information technology, project management and more.

Aspire Software Consultancy is an offshore software development company in India based in the IT hub of Bangalore city. We have a lot of experience in the field and have worked with many different kinds of businesses. Our dynamic and talented team of professional makes us the best offshore software development company in India

Why engage an offshore service?

There could be many reasons for using offshore software development services, but the two most important ones being cost control and round-the-clock work progress that adds to the competitive advantage.

If you choose the right offshore software development company, you will have ensured the success of your business and its growth by leaps and bounds. You need to find a partner with the right skills, experience and thorough understanding of your business domain.

What is the Difference Between Onshore, Nearshore, and Offshore Software Development?

Onshore software development refers to working with software developers who are located in the same country as the host company.

Nearshore software developers operate from a different country but provide services to clients who share the same time zone.

Offshore developers are the ones who operate from faraway countries that may or may not share the same time zone.

The Benefits of Offshoring Development

An offshore software development company contributes in many ways to the growth of your business.

  • Shared Workload - Offshore companies can help you to focus on the growth of your business while they take care of the technical aspects
  • Reduced Errors - Offshoring companies implement the best practices to ensure minimal risk of conducting business
  • Faster Business - With the expert teams of offshoring companies at work for you, you can take off your business much faster
  • Cost Effective - Offshoring companies provide pools of services at a much lesser price than doing the tasks individually
  • Better Quality - Offshore companies can bring their expertise to provide you with high-quality services which, in turn, enhances your service to the customers

When to Hire Offshore Developers?

Offshore developers provide several benifits. However, not all business are required to opt for offshore development services. Their services can add value to your business when

How to Choose an Offshore Software Outsourcing Company

Picking the right offshore software development company can be a tricky job as these are people whom you do not get to follow closely. So, there should be some checkpoints to pay heed to.

Success Story -

This does not mean you should prefer the ones with many testimonials. Rather, there should be stories and reviews of happy clients, even if the number of clients is not huge

Security Prioritisation -

It is important that the offshore developer you select for your business provides with the best and latest security measures to protect your sensitive information

Work Experience -

The developer should have practical work experience in order to assess the appropriate requirements for your business

Our Offshore Software Development Services

Why Aspire Software Consultancy?

Our offshore software development services have helped in resolving many complex situations. A client needed the integration of SAP Business One with Salesforce for a real-time exchange of sales and marketing data between the two platforms. Our solution was to customize the Salesforce in a way that each order detail gets stored in both the Salesforce and SAP, thereby enabling the identification of orders in both the platforms.

Another client that conducts cancer clinical trials, was in need of a cloud-based platform. They wanted to store their huge data that is related to patients on whom the organization conducted the drug trials for months and years. One of the challenges that we had was creating a system in a short span of time as it was not possible to stop the work. We needed to transfer around 600 GB files to Salesforce from the existing system. Additionally, the client had a specific UI preference. Keeping all the requirements in view, we used certain components of that were appropriate for the new system. These included apex-based data sharing, SOAP API. We used a custom JAVA based tool and talent data migration tool to migrate files. Eventually, we completed the trial version of the project in 8 weeks and the final version after 16 weeks. The client was highly appreciative of our efforts and has since been using the system in their organization.

ASC Expert Area

CLOUD COMPUTING| software companies in bangalore

Salesforce CRM


We offer cloud consulting services for Salesforce CRM and MS Dynamics CRM applications.

CLOUD COMPUTING| software companies in bangalore

MS Dynamics CRM


We offer cloud consulting services for Salesforce CRM and MS Dynamics CRM applications.

Web Application| software companies in bangalore

Web Application


Capability and expertise to design, develop and implement Enterprise Web Applications.

Mobile Development| software companies in bangalore

Mobile Development


Multi Platform mobile applications development with device adaptive navigation.

Ecommerce Website Development| software companies in bangalore

Ecommerce Website Development


Our E-commerce expert developers can help you design your dream E-shop.

DESKTOP APPLICATIONS | software companies in bangalore

Desktop Applications


ASC has handled a wide variety of applications such as CRM, HRM, Email Centre, Survey connect.

Enterprise Solution Development| software companies in bangalore

Enterprise Solution Development


We design customized software solutions in database applications

Product Engineering| software companies in bangalore

Product Engineering


ASC leverage rich technology and domain expertise to present software product engineering.

IT STAFF AUGMENTATION| software companies in bangalore

IT Staff Augmentation


ASC offers staff augmentation, team services that meet your organizational & business objectives

Software Consulting

Software Consulting


ASC IT support services can be profitable in meeting end-user demands.

Domain Expertise

Customer Relationship

Enterprise Resource
Planning [ERP]

Entertainment Industry
(Music/Video Streaming)


Technology We are Expert in



Angular, Angular js, MVC, Winforms, Razor Views, jQuery/Javascript, React Js, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, HTML 5, CSS3



Microsoft .Net/.Net core Web API,
RESTful services, Web Services, WCF


Mobile Development

C#, VB.Net



.Net, .Net Core, .Net 5.0/6.0, MVC



Microsoft SQL Server,
MY SQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo DB



Microsoft SSRS, RDLC,
Crystal Reports

Object Relational
Mapper [ORM]

Object Relational
Mapper [ORM]

Entity Framework, EF
Core, Dapper

3rd Party Controls

3rd Party Controls

DevExpress, DevExtreme

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Here are a few engagement models on how an offshore software development company collaborates with its clients:

Fixed rate: This means the fixed cost for the entire project. It is quite a popular option for small businesses.

Hourly rate: The hourly model suits an agile project management approach and sees developers charge on a per hour basis.

Staff Augmentation: Supplying a team of experts directly and will work closely with the client during the project.

Offshore software development is a service offered by a vendor from another country different from the client’s host country.

Offshore software development companies provide the same services as the host country but are considered cost-effective and work-efficient.

Furthermore, they work round-the-clock, providing continuous support and additional expertise that brings a competitive advantage to the business.

It is essential to find an offshore development team that saves your costs and provides continuous work support, irrespective of the time zones.

We at Aspire Software Consultancy are the number 1 offshore software development company based in India. We have a lot of experience in the field handling over 500+ projects from 12+ countries. Our offshore software development services have helped in resolving many complex situations when it comes to integrating customized software to specific business requirements.


  • Reduces the shared workload to free up more time for your business
  • Reduces the number of errors
  • Provides faster operations to save more time
  • Enhanced quality service
  • It is cost-effective
  • There is no training required

The best offshore development company should be experienced and provide strong security for their clients.

We at Aspire Software Consultancy are the best offshore development company in the USA that has worked with many businesses. With a dynamic and talented team of developers that stand out to be the top software development company in the USA.

Cloud computing and blockchain technology has provided many possibilities to businesses to consider offshore software development services. The rise of enhanced data security and collaborative tools has encouraged companies to work with offshore companies. In addition, the demand for continuous support, quality skills, and quick turnaround time persuade companies to consider options from other countries.


Our clients speak

Norman Collins

CEO OF TDSAustralia

"TDSAustralia CEO Recommends Aspire Software Consultancy for Global Distribution System Development"

"Norman Collins, CEO of TDSAustralia, recommends Aspire Software Consultancy for the development of their global distribution system, TDS Arena, which efficiently distributes travel content worldwide. With professional and reliable service, Aspire ensures seamless communication and offers ongoing development and maintenance solutions."

Craig Vaughan

Founder and Director - BrokerEngine

Broker Engine Australia: Revolutionizing Mortgage Broking Software Solutions

“Craig Vaughn, the founder of Broker Engine, shares how he partnered with Aspire Software Consultancy to create a streamlined software solution for mortgage brokers. Despite the challenges of working with an overseas team, Aspire's dedication and expertise impressed Vaughn. The successful soft launch of the solution showcases Aspire's ability to assist companies like Broker Engine with their software development needs.”