Salesforce Lightning Benefits To Level Up Your Business

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Salesforce Lightning Benefits To Level Up Your Business

3 ways Salesforce Lightning can level up your business

Salesforce Lightning UI was released in 2015 with a range of new components that can simplify and streamline various business processes. An alternative to Salesforce Classic, Lightning offers unique and user-friendly features that can not only improve productivity and collaboration but also give a better opportunity to improve conversion rate. The following are some of the key features that can make Salesforce Lightning a great choice for admins, IT Teams, Developers, and Business users.

  1. Better productivity: Some of the primary offerings of Salesforce Lightning include the lightning feature that lets users customize or personalize content or pages for user profiles. The new and improved user interface makes it easier to access, calendars, reports, overdue tasks, and other important records. You also get the option to customize and add more components to the beautifully designed dashboard. It provides a dynamic and flexible work environment which makes it easier to access information. Tools such as the path component can guide the user through the steps that need to be taken while working with a sales lead. With the help of the Notes component, users can create detailed notes for their reference in the CRM. The notes come with auto-saving functionality and can also be shared in Chatter messenger. The activity timeline is another productivity tool that helps sales reps and managers to keep track of the activities that are planned or accomplished on an opportunity.
  1. Enhanced analytics and forecasting: Lightning’s smooth integration with Einstein AI can give users easy access to tools such as Einstein forecasting, Lead Scoring, Einstein automated contacts, Activity Capture, and Einstein opportunity insights. These AI tools provide you with a comprehensive and real-time understanding of leadership behavior as well as the changes in demand for goods or services. You will also gain access to Einstein Account Insights that can help you build elaborate customer profiles which are essential for delivering the right personalized customer experience. The new visual reporting feature makes it easy to comprehend reports in a single view which helps in making timely informed decisions.
  2. Improved information security: To prevent the introduction of any malicious input, salesforce Lightning offers a security feature called the Lightning Locker service. This feature isolates and prevents a group of related components from causing XSS, reading rendered data without restrictions, and calling undocumented or private APIs. The Lockers’ Content Security Policy also helps to prevent cross-site scripting and code injection attacks. It enables client-side API versioning, more secure JS development practices, running React, Angular, and other 3rd party libraries.

Salesforce Lightning limitations

Salesforce Lightning does not have some of the key features available in Salesforce Classic. If your team extensively uses customizable forecasting, similar opportunities, big deal alerts, search all buttons, or follow reports then migrating to Salesforce Lightning might not be the best option for you. If you want to reap the benefits of both Salesforce Classic and Lightning you can choose the hybrid approach that makes switching between the interfaces easy.

How to migrate from Salesforce Classic to Lightning?

At Aspire Software Consultancy, one of the leading Salesforce development companies in India, we assist you with Classic-to-Lightning migration. We can also conduct a Readiness Check to analyze if Salesforce Classic users (Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer) are compatible or ready for the transition to Salesforce Lightning. If you wish to try the hybrid approach and switch between both Salesforce Classic and Lightning we can assist you with the same. To know more about the benefits and the ROI your company can gain from migrating to Salesforce Lightning, visit


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