Why Hire when you can Outsource?

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Why Hire when you can Outsource?

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“Offshore outsourcing has come a long way from unpredictable dead-lines and unplanned additional costs.”


With the advent of modern tools for work recording, tracking & time logging along with screen-sharing & remote-access tools, it is possible for a client to monitor the progress of his outsourced project.

Remote Teams use Project management tools to collaborate on task scheduling and work distribution which enables a team to perform to their best level and finish a project as planned. This also enables a client to monitor the current work distribution and make dynamic changes as and when required.

Internet speeds have risen globally which makes it possible to share large files in a matter of minutes. Due to this, the client is closer to the development team hypothetically, which closes the gap between on-shore and off-shore outsourcing.

Software developers work almost exclusively with information and often need nothing more than a good computer, a fast internet connection, the appropriate development tools and the coding knowledge. For challenging projects that can only be realized as a team, an experienced development manager or a project manager is advisable. They can take over a large part of the communication with the client.

More often than expected, a software developer needs training and help with specific new tools and changes in coding language. A simple google search often solves small hurdles that developers face almost daily. Online training provided by MOOCs (Massively Open Online Course) help developers to learn new concept and keep themselves updated with the fast paced dynamic world of softwares. Most developers learn new coding languages on a live project through appropriate training; leaving behind their current knowledge of other coding languages. This enables a developer to keep abreast with the latest changes in the software industry.

Training certifications are offered by large MOOCs and companies who own the coding language. These certifications often have a 12-month expiry after which a developer needs to re-take the examination in order to renew their certificate validity. A certificate is merely a way to prove the knowledge a developer has in the particular language, though most of the relevant knowledge & skills are achieved on job.


Cost advantages with offshore outsourcing

With the help of offshore outsourcing you can save a substantial amount spent in software development.

Freelance developers in Silicon Valley charge anywhere between $50 to upwards of $100 an hour. Add to that the HR Compliance guidelines which is an added cost for hiring in-house full time employees. European freelancers are no less cheaper at a rate starting from €65.00 an hour.

Offshore outsourcing leads to a huge reduction in costs. Indian software developers, for example, are available at a fraction of the cost.

“Silicon Valley developers are extremely expensive.”

You can realize your project completely in India with Aspire Software Consultancy and avoid the biggest hurdles of on-shore development. We provide you with highly qualified software developers and assume the responsibility for a successful project as an outsourcing contract partner. Our team managers are specialized in offshore outsourcing, understand the Indian mentality and work style, and will ensure smooth communication.

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