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What’s New in Angular 14: Enhanced Features and Benefits for Developers – Aspire Software Consultancy


Angular is a popular JavaScript framework used for building web applications. It provides a robust structure and powerful features making it a preferred choice for developers. With every new release, Angular introduces enhancements and updates to improve developer productivity and user experience. Let’s delve into what’s new in Angular 14 and discuss the enhanced features and benefits it brings for developers.

Angular 14, what’s new?

Angular 14, the latest version of the Angular framework, brings several new features and updates. These advancements aim to enhance developer productivity, improve performance, and provide a better user experience. Let’s compare Angular 13 to Angular 14 to get an overview of the Angular 14 changes.

Angular 13 Vs Angular 14: An Overview

While Angular 13 was a significant release with its own set of features and improvements, Angular 14 builds upon that foundation and introduces even more enhancements. Here are some key differences between the two versions:

  • Improved Performance:
    Angular 14 focuses on optimizing performance. It includes various performance improvements, such as faster rendering, reduced bundle size, and enhanced tree shaking. These optimizations result in quicker loading times and improved application performance.
  • Updated CLI:
    The Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) is an invaluable tool for Angular developers, providing a convenient command-line interface. In Angular 14, the CLI has undergone updates to offer an enhanced and more streamlined development experience. These updates encompass various improvements, such as advanced project scaffolding, superior code generation, and enhanced build optimization options. The improved project scaffolding enables developers to swiftly establish new Angular projects, complete with all the necessary files and configurations. With more efficient code generation capabilities, repetitive tasks are automated, saving developers valuable time and effort. Additionally, the enhanced build optimization options ensure that the generated bundles are optimized for improved performance and reduced file sizes, resulting in faster-loading applications.
  • Enhanced Angular Material:
    Angular Material serves as a highly regarded UI component library, offering pre-built components for Angular applications. Angular 14 introduces updates to Angular Material that bolster its functionality and usability. These updates include the introduction of new components, advancements in accessibility, and improved theming options. The addition of new components expands the repertoire of available UI elements, empowering developers to effortlessly create interfaces with rich features. Furthermore, the enhancements in accessibility guarantee that Angular Material components are accessible to users with disabilities, enabling developers to develop inclusive applications that cater to diverse user needs. Likewise, the enhanced theming options provide more flexibility in customizing the look and feel of Angular Material components, allowing developers to create visually appealing user interfaces that align with their brand and design requirements.
  • Angular Universal Improvements:
    Angular Universal enables server-side rendering of Angular applications, improving performance and search engine optimization. The improved performance ensures faster rendering of Angular applications on the server side, resulting in improved user experience. Better SEO support allows search engines to crawl and index Angular applications more effectively, improving their visibility in search engine results. Additionally, the enriched caching capabilities optimize the caching of server-side rendered pages, improving overall performance and reducing server load.
  • TypeScript 4.5 Support:
    Angular 14 includes support for TypeScript 4.5, the latest version of the TypeScript programming language. TypeScript is a statically-typed superset of JavaScript that brings additional features and tooling to enhance the development experience. With TypeScript 4.5 support, Angular developers can leverage new language features and improvements introduced in this version. These features include support for exact types, permitting developers to define precise types that must match exactly. Improved type checking provides more accurate type inference and helps catch potential errors during development. Additionally, better tooling support ensures that developers can take advantage of the latest TypeScript features seamlessly within their Angular projects, improving productivity and code quality.

What’s New in Angular 14: Top Angular 14 features

Here are some of the notable features introduced in Angular 14:

  • Differential Loading Improvements:
    Angular 14 further improves differential loading, a feature introduced in previous versions. It generates separate bundles for modern and legacy browsers, allowing applications to load faster on modern browsers while still supporting older browsers.
  • Enhanced Hot Module Replacement (HMR):
    HMR allows developers to see the changes they make in the code reflected instantly in the browser without a full page reload. Angular 14 enhances HMR, making the development process even more efficient and reducing the need for manual refreshes.
  • New Router Lifecycle Events:
    Angular 14 introduces new lifecycle events in the Angular Router, providing more control and flexibility during the navigation process. These events allow developers to perform actions before and after navigation, handle route activation and deactivation, and implement custom navigation behaviors.
  • Improved Internationalization (i18n):
    Angular 14 brings enhancements to the i18n module, making it easier to build internationalized applications. It introduces new features like selective translation loading, better handling of plurals and genders, and improved tooling support for localization.
  • Improved Error Handling:
    Angular 14 provides better error handling and error messages, making it more comfortable for developers to identify and fix issues. It includes improved stack traces, error codes, and error messages that provide more context and advice.

Advantages of Angular 14

Here are some advantages of using Angular 14 for web application development:

  • Improved Performance:
    Angular 14 focuses on performance optimizations, resulting in faster loading times and enhanced overall application performance.
  • Streamlined Development Experience:
    The updated CLI and enhancements in tooling make the development process more efficient and constructive.
  • Better User Experience:
    Angular 14 new features and improvements enhance the user experience, such as faster rendering, improved accessibility, and enhanced theming options.
  • Server-side Rendering:
    Angular Universal improvements enable developers to build server-side rendered applications that are speedy and SEO-friendly.
  • Language and Tooling Support:
    Angular 14 supports the latest version of TypeScript, offering new language features and improved tooling support.

Angular 14: Should You Use It?

Whether to use Angular 14 or not depends on various factors such as project requirements, team expertise, and the need for specific features or improvements introduced in Angular 14. If you are starting a new project or planning to upgrade Angular 13 to 14, it is worth considering Angular 14 for its performance optimizations, enhanced tooling, and improved user experience.


Angular 14 introduces significant enhancements and updates that improve developer productivity and user experience. With performance optimizations, updated tooling, and improved features like enhanced HMR and new Router lifecycle events, Angular 14 empowers developers to build faster and more efficient web applications. Considering the advantages it offers, the shift from Angular 13 to 14 is a compelling choice for developers looking to create modern, high-performance applications using the Angular framework. Update Angular 13 to 14 for a more satisfactory experience. Taking the help of Aspire Software Consultancy would help companies ease into the new Angular framework with no hassles.

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