Top 10 JS Frameworks of 2020

Most Preferred List of JS Framework

Though we are gifted with so many valuable digital tools and resources for programming, JavaScript is one of our distinguished gains. From its extensive features to overall robustness, this scripting language is useful for developers and creators to produce actionable and user-friendly websites on the internet.

Now, for the uninitiated, here is a gist of what is JavaScript framework – This is a framework used in the application development domain. It helps us to build engaging, superlative websites by using the relevant JavaScript code libraries under the JS frameworks.  About 96% of the sites on the internet are constructed through JS!

10 Best JavaScript Frameworks of 2020 (With Features)

There are numerous options just within JavaScript, and at least two new libraries get added each month. In that stance, here we have collected some of the top JavaScript frameworks of 2020.

  • Angular.Js

Angular cuts down the necessity of any third-party sites and acts as a full-blown framework. One reason why developers love Angular.Js is its potential to combine the power of HTML and CSS. The effectiveness of this front-end framework makes this open-source platform a successful one.

Faster loading, less coding, simplified MVC, are the notable features of the Angular web framework. There are a few limitations on the flexibility, but considering its coding aspects, this is a good choice.

  • React.Js

Want to build the most creative and engaging UIs? React is your best option. Developed from the minds of Facebook, React.Js is one of the top-rated JavaScript frameworks, owing to its functionality. Webmasters rely on this platform to handle and modify the view layer of complicated web sites and applications.

Compares with AngularJS, React would be a better choice for anyone looking to create web sites that are scalable and easy to build. And one of its greatest time-saving perks of the implementation of virtual DOM, thus speeding up the entire development phase.

  • Vue.Js

One of the gradually-booming JavaScript platforms, Vue is an ultra-light framework. This lightness makes Vue the best-suited web source for the development of both critical implementations as well as a single-page application.

The road map facilitation and the actual community support are the biggest plus points of Vue.Js. The developer can differentiate between CSS, HTML, and JavaScript here, and even amateurs can learn Vue quickly.

  • Ember.Js

Instead of creating and writing codes, based on your predictions and tediousness, with Ember’s full-featured benefits, you may utilize the most comprehensible one, as per your target users on the internet. And did you know that the idea behind finding this framework Ember.Js is to boost the productivity with developers!

All the internal advantages of this open-source front-end JavaScript framework, including scalability, ease of accessibility, desktop application creation, are all based on the principle of MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel).

  • Meteor.Js

Formed by the experts of ‘Meteor Development Group’, Meteor.Js is a full-stack framework that is written using Node.js. This web source comes highly resourceful for online projects that require cross-platform production.

The best features of Meteor.Js are a faster development period, smart package facilities, rapid prototyping, better supporting community, and real-time app creation. And the good thing is the Meteor framework is easy to learn!

  • Mithril.Js

The UI JavaScript framework of Mithril is both effective and efficient for the creation of modern client-side apps, particularly Single Page Applications (SPA). Mithril.Js is present with some in-built development modules, including customizable data binding, XHR, and routing.

But what makes Mithril appear in the list of best JS frameworks of 2020 is its faster library load time. Moreover, the overall size of Mithril is minimal, which is less than 10kb gzip; hence these features pave the way for enhanced performance.

  • Node.Js

Beyond the mere idea of a JavaScript framework, Node.JS can be defined similarly to an extensive server-side run-time space. World-trending names such as Netflix, IBM, PayPal, Go Daddy, etc., make use of Node.JS for their program development!

One of the famous paradigms on the internet with this platform is “JavaScript everywhere”. Meaning, the Node developers can indeed use a single programming language specific to both client-side and server-side scripts.

  • Polymer.Js

Thanks to the developers of Polymer.Js (i.e. Google) for easing out the process of creating internal website elements without the need for any complex-level tools. This JavaScript library helps us to create personalized HTML elements that are reusable too.

Both its fast and easy development and simplest element creation procedures of Polymer is because of Google material design. And you may even go for a complex app area as it supports both one-way and two-way data binding.

  • Aurelia.Js

The latest version of JavaScript, Auerlia.Js is useful for interface implementation and robust site (s) creation. Developers can find both JS, HTML and view-model pairs. As per web standards, Aurelia is the cleanest framework to use.

Extendability is the biggest perk of Aurelia.Js, and what it means is that you can extend, transfer, move, or simply facilitate the framework within other tools and online integrations. Additionally, you can avail of both enterprise and commercial support.

  • Backbone.Js

Any programming language has never been so easy to learn as compared to Backbone.Js. one of the easiest to learn platforms, the Backbone framework utilizes JavaScript functions, thus assisting in the development of effective frontend apps.

Some of the good points to note about Backbone.Js include its free usages, routers & events building blocks, availability of 100+ extensions, hard dependency on Underscore.Js, effortless SPA development, etc.

Your Takeaway

As we came across the many good features and options of 10 top-rated JavaScript frameworks 2020, you must ensure that your project’s requirements and production needs must match the features of a specific framework. Hiring an experienced web development company will be helpful, if in case of doubt or need any professional support. Therefore, before using any programming language, assess your own project’s necessities, and then choose an ideal Js.

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