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Top 4 .NET Development Services in Demand

.NET development services are a boon for organizations that want to create professional and interactive web applications using ASP.Net, Microsoft’s open-source and cross-platform framework. A whole portfolio of services is offered by ASP.Net development companies including web app development customization, web application development, e-commerce development, desktop application development, database application development, as well as .net integration and migration.  The top industries that use the web services platform for connecting information systems, devices, and people include healthcare, banking, real estate, travel, education, entertainment, sports, and much more.

Top services offered by an ASP.Net development company

  • Custom Development: .NET development companies provide end-to-end web development customization and other multipurpose solutions as per client vision and business needs. A dedicated team works on the project development cycle and they clearly define the project deliverables that will be made during each phase and milestone. This process paves way for transparency and allows organizations to easily evaluate the progress on the different stages of the project. Planning, development, deployment, and execution are managed by the service provider. The services provided by .NET development companies are not limited to web and mobile application development but it is also extended to machine learning and the Internet of Things to meet client-specific needs.
  • Migration Services: Microsoft has combined its .Net framework, .Net Core, and Xamarin to create .Net 5 Framework, a unified platform that can meet the demands of the rver-changing technology landscape. The key features of the .Net 5 or “One .Net.” platform include being open source and community-oriented. It also facilitates cross-platform implementation, offers support for Visual Studio 2019, Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio for Mac and Command Line Interface, smarter deployment, side by side installation, and more. Businesses also prefer .Net 5 as it significantly improves the performance of apps that were ported to the new framework. While migration to a new framework might not be easy or seemingly necessary, the benefit it offers is definitely worth the time and effort. If you are looking to invest in .Net 5 or the 2021 version called .NET 6, service providers can help you make the transition using tools such as Portability Analyzer, Try Convert, etc., for a smooth migration process.
  • Integration Tests: An Net development company also provides integration test services. Integration tests are conducted on ASP.NET web applications to ascertain if an app’s components including network, database, file system, and other supporting infrastructure are functioning at the optimal level. Testing and debugging procedures are also done to ensure that the client’s online customers do not encounter glitches while using the application. The service providers also agree to ensure that the performance efficiency and support infrastructure are functioning at the optimal level.
  • Solutions Customization: Startups and global enterprises rely on .NET development service providers for their third-party solutions customization requirements. The development teams use an agile process to create custom solutions such as API development, user interface design, and customization, functionality improvement as well as maintenance. The focus always remains on meeting client requirements through systematic and methodical concept validation, fast-paced development, repeated testing, and on-time rollout.

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