Why you should choose Android platform for mobile app development?

Android platform for mobile app development

Why you should choose Android platform for mobile app development?

In today’s time, mobiles have become the mainstay device of our society and they come equipped with innumerable technological innovations. To cater to all the advanced requirements of the mobile users, mobile applications have come in to existence. These apps can be developed by any reputed mobile app development company by utilizing most dynamic and potent mobile platforms available today. A number of platforms are available for development like Windows, Blackberry, iOS, Android and Symbian. However, Android OS by Google is moving ahead by leaps and bounds and acquired more than 87.7 percent of the global market share.

Some advantages of android app development

Android is an open platform built on Linux. It offers complete software stack that includes an operating system, middleware and key mobile applications. Apart from its speed, performance and scalability, there are a number of advantages of android app development such as:

Easily accessible:

Android is easily accessible to any Android programmer who has the knowledge of Java and Android SDK.


The native Android apps are developed using Java programming language which can be ported to other operating systems easily.

Innovative and creative:

Due to the open source nature of Android, the app developers who work on this mobile platform get a good exposure to Google’s philosophy of innovation, thus encouraging creativity.

Ability to install from any source:

Android can be installed from any source and it is also possible to test the apps on multiple devices due to various tools available in SDK.

Low investment and high ROI:

It has relatively very low barrier to entry. Its Software Development Kit (SDK) is free and easily available for any Android app development company in India which significantly decreases the development cost.

Better hardware range: It is more compatible with the devices which are made by different manufacturers around the world.

Well optimized for social apps: It is well optimized for social apps. Since this segment is highly popular and growing, Android OS is a preferred choice among the app developers and business owners.

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