AngularJS vs NodeJS vs ReactJS vs Vue.js

JavaScript frameworks are the most preferred platforms to create a dynamic web application, eCommerce website, processing, inventory, real-time chat, and a lot more. These frameworks are developing at an incredible pace, meaning that these days, there are regularly updated framework versions of Angular, Node, React and Vue.

Out of AngularJS, NodeJS, ReactJS and Vue.js, which is the right framework for my project? Which framework will be perfect for my business? These are some of the frequently asked questions by ISVs and SMEs before commencing any project. A competitive battle can be seen among these JavaScript tools and all web app development companies across the world are debating on selecting the right tool for their JavaScript web applications.

A comprehensive comparison in this blog will give a precise idea about all the four JavaScript frameworks and help any web application development company in USA take a wise decision for its upcoming project.

Why Should You Go for AngularJS framework?

AngularJS is a framework which boasts a wide variety of native features. It enables you to take advantage of a range of options directly, making it possible for you to commence any project faster. The architecture of AngularJS allows automatic data synchronization between its components. It comprises of an inbuilt dependency injection subsystem which enables quick and easy Angular app development and testing. It also comes with extended HTML terminologies which provide instructions for how a model can be projected into the view. It is also testable in its initial development stages.

Benefits of AngularJS Web App Development

  • Enhanced design structure
  • Offers angular data binding
  • Manages dependencies
  • Fast and easy application

Why Should You Go for ReactJS Framework?

React.jsis maintained by Facebook that makes use of its components on a lot of pages. It is also used by many famous websites such as Twitter, Yahoo, Airbnb, Uber, Netflix, Reddit, Pinterest, PayPal, Wix, Imgur, Udemy, Feedly, Walmart, Tumblr, Stripe and more. Its components are highly reusable and enable the use of JS to write Native IOS applications. The framework allows both servers as well as customer-side rendering. There is a virtual React DOM which randomly updates all the parts that need to be updated or have been changed. You can find a separate option for creating a pure JavaScript template. It is easy for beginners as it has a small API.

Benefits of ReactJS Web App Development

  • Reusable components available
  • Server as well as client-side rendering
  • SEO friendly
  • Allows faster rendering
  • Increases productivity and facilitates maintenance

Why Should You Go for Node.js Web App Development?

Node.js can act as a server in itself rather than a framework which works with Google Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. It has a unique callback concept that enables you to achieve an entirely new concept of single-threaded event-driven server programming. Node.js can simplify the development of complicated web applications. With the capability of workload distribution to different service providers and clients, there is a lot you can extract from NodeJs.

Benefits of Node.js Web App Development

  • Used for both front ends and backend development.
  • Enables the clients to listen and respond to the HTTP requests on their computer, access databases from their computer directly and know the network traffic.

Why Should You Go for Vue.js Web App Development?

It is a progressive framework which is mainly used for creating user interfaces. This framework mainly focuses on the view layer that enables the developers to integrate it into the on-going projects in a hassle-free manner. It is an ideal choice for building single-page applications and it provides developers with the capability to build applications with modern technologies. Vue.js has become quite popular due to its gentle learning curve and scalability. The framework can be used in single-page applications and small components on large websites. It has easy adaptability and can be integrated with bulky projects for front-end development without much difficulties.

VueJs can code robust apps without any need for external libraries and additional plugins. Due to its simple coding, it ensures better maintainability of codes that ultimately decreases the bugs and eventually saves the developers’ time that could be wasted in fixing bugs. The framework comprises of detailed documentation which is quite comprehensive so that any user who has even little knowledge of JavaScript and HTML can easily develop apps on their own.

Benefits of Vue.js Web App Development

  • Easy to learn
  • Flexible
  • Simple and scalable
  • Detailed documentation available

Selection of the best JavaScript tool is an intimidating task for the business owners. The right choice of tool will take any business to new pinnacles of success. All the above mentioned JS frameworks are advanced, high performing and are used worldwide. Depending on your business needs and customized app development goals, you may choose any framework that suits you. However, if you find any difficulty with these frameworks, then you may consult the best web application development company in India.



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