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Introduction to .NET development platform:

NET platform is developed by Microsoft and is a framework of open-source and cross-platform. It aims to develop applications of both form and web-based and also web services. The .NET development platform coordinates with the language enabling the developers to create applications that work according to cord written in different programming languages. .NET developers have the support of the worldwide community in which more than 60,000 are of active Open Source Software (OSS) and more than 3700 are of the company. Nowadays, the services of Microsoft .NET development are used for businesses to create several types of applications which include mobile and web to microservices, machine learning, gaming, and many more. The .NET development mainly supports three programming languages that are F#, C#, and Visual Basic. F# is a functional supporting language, and is object-oriented, and is a crucial programming model. C# is uttered as “See Sharp” and like F# it is also object-oriented and it is also a type-safe and modern programming language. It lies in the roots of the C family language and is similar to other programmers like Java, C, C++, and JavaScript. The pattern of Visual Basic is somewhat similar to the standard human language, making it the easiest language to learn. Microsoft has been regularly developing the new features for C# and F#, whereas the language of Visual Basic remains constant. It supports web APLs and not web apps. 

Four sorts of .NET development platforms:

Mainly there are four types of .NET development and they are: 

  • .NET Core: It enables in development of the backend of the mobile, the web applications, and its services. It is a modified framework from ASP.NET and is a cross-platform supporting Linux and Windows. 
  • Xamarin: Xamarin is used for Mac and mobile applications. It acts as a pen source branch for the .NET platform and is designed by Microsoft. It builds various specified applications for android, macOS, iOS, and many more.
  • .NET Framework: Web applications and websites are developed in the form of Windows desktop applications and WPF. 
  • Universal Windows Platform (UWP): It develops various universal apps running on Windows 10, Windows 11, and many more without writing for each one. 

When and why .NET is used for Application Development?

.NET Application development is one of the foremost technologies that have been introduced for making vigorous, scalable, and energetic enterprise solutions, and therefore, the companies have been using the .NET development services for years. 

When .NET is used for Application Development?

.NET is used by enterprises to fulfill the various requirements of the applications with interactive services and features. Here are the few places for the companies should use the services of .NET development for their projects: 

  • Desktop applications: Companies should use .NET development services for building various desktop applications which will act as a compliment to the processing of the OS or the operating system for providing a unique user interface. 
  • Game Development: .NET Application development can be used by enterprises for inventing games. It has specialized tools for building games which include Monogame and CRYENGINE.

Why Microsoft .NET application is used by enterprises?

Here are the 3 reasons why the Microsoft .NET application is used by enterprises:

  • Easy Maintenance: Microsoft .NET is the one-time setup creation and therefore the customers can easily install the app under the same setup and can immediately release the version of the app. Also, the developers can easily identify the specific components, update or fix them, and can put them together without leaving any impact on the entire solution, it all happens by the modular design provided in it. 
  • Object-Oriented Programming: .NET is an OOPs based framework that enables the division of the solutions into several smaller pieces making the solutions easier to combine and manage. The developers can also reuse the code for building any solutions which save time on coding. 
  • Industries benefitting from the .NET development: 

Many industries are benefitted from the services of .NET development and some of the areas where you can benefit from the services are: 

  • .NET Development services for Healthcare: 

A mobile app and a strong platform of healthcare software deliver the best help care and also help in reducing costs and enhancing efficiency. Nowadays, doctors can also search for treatment options, track the progress of the patients, can interact with other professionals, and can prescribe any medications with the latest technology of mobile app. 

  • .NET Development services for Education:

In recent times, mobile apps have been used by the students, teachers, and parents of the younger ones. It enables them to be organized, cooperate on their assignments, and can communicate with their friends and classmates. Previously, online classes and work from home were not much known to the people but during pandemics, the people got habituated to it. Microsoft .NET services have created an effective environment of learning in mobile apps.  

Ways to select the best .NET Development Company:

Here is the quick guide by which you can choose the best .NET Development Company:

  • Research: Browsing all the things on your own is necessary for finding and searching for the best company. Share the projects with your relatives and friends because they may advise you of some best companies in which they have worked or were best for them and this will also ensure you that the company has a good review from their clients or the business consumers.
  • Communication Skills: The company is successful only when they satisfy the feedback, follow-ups, or aid of reviews of their customers and these factors play a very vital role if working for .Net. Also, from the communication skills, the company will keep you updated regarding any phase of development. 
  • The reputation of the Company: There are several companies with outstanding quality digital solutions regarding the person’s need but the company might have a bad online reputation. So, make sure that your research takes a good amount of time and research properly and take time to understand the operations taken by them.
  • Quality Services: A company providing .NET must mainly focus on the result and quality services for being trendy, functional, and top-notch among the other developed applications which are on the digital stores. The innovative and functional element will help in adding value to your business in the future. 

The hiring of .NET Developers:

For hiring an excellent .NET Developer, firstly the recruiter should understand what he is searching for in a person and what the need of the company is and should also be familiar with the frameworks, structures, tools, etc. Also asking simple questions like the language knowledge will not be enough, the recruiter should be familiar with the other terms like ASP .NET MVC and Entity Framework, and it will help in hiring the best .NET Developer. The thing which brings the exact profit to the employer is hiring the .NET Developer who has excellent trading experience. There are different methods used by IT recruiters for hiring. They use different methods for a technical interview, for the judgment of CV, and for estimating the skills of the developers. When you are hiring a .NET Developer you should be able to make a confident and positive opinion regarding the skills of the candidate while reading their CV. The most important thing which should be kept in mind while hiring the developer is to understand them with their specialty. A recruiter should at least have basic knowledge and skills regarding this field. The person who is selecting the developer should also remember that with the highest skill, the personality to collaborate with other team members and cooperation should also be present in the developers. 

Features of a .NET Framework and its benefits:

Here are the few features discussed for a .NET Framework:

  • Usability: Microsoft .Net framework is very easy to use and can easily collaborate with different databases. There are several tools formed for making this platform more appropriate to use. 
  • Compatibility: It must exist together with several more applications without any problem for successfully operating any application of enterprise and the .NET framework is easily compatible with various platforms and devices. 
  • Easy to Maintain: The reusable code and the components provided to the .NET framework makes it easier to maintain and in it, the entire program can be changed without affecting the output.

Benefits of a .NET Framework:

The benefits of the .NET Framework are discussed below: 

  • Multitargeting: Developers create various meetings working on several platforms of .NET framework like Windows 7, Windows 8, and many more and it is created by targeting portable class library of the .NET Framework. 
  • Memory Management: There are several programming languages in which the programmers are in charge of releasing and allocating the memory and handling the memory for a lifetime. In the .NET framework, the CLR has given responsibility for providing these services on the behalf of the applications.

Why there is more demand for .NET Framework in 2021?

Here are a few reasons discussed regarding the demand for .NET Framework in 2012: 

  • Independence: The .NET Framework is one of the frameworks that are used to develop any of the applications and it does not affect any of the platforms you are using, it can be used in any of the platforms without affecting it. 
  • Enormous in nature: The .NET platform is a giant framework as it provides several technologies, languages, and tools. It helps in creating a business ecosystem and quality assurance. 
  • High Performance: With the help of high performance, users get more satisfied and get an excellent flexible process, and also produce a reactive result. 
  • Supports Easy Language: Till now, .NET has supported about 44 languages and the users get an option to choose any language of their own choice for application development and it can be installed quickly. 

The Future of .NET:

In the IT industry, the .NET is one of the most popular and used frameworks, and therefore, more than 500 fortune companies have been using .NET for building their software. So, if you are planning to become a .NET Developer or you are an existing .NET Developer and want to know about the good future of .NET then you should be worried about it. .NET is the current version of .NET, and C# is the most preferred programming language. F#, TypeScript, and VB.NET are the other used programming languages. Blazor is the technology you should focus on if you are fascinated by learning .NET now. Blazor has two flavors i.e., Blazor WebAssembly and Blazor Server. 

Basic features of .NET are: 

  • .NET acts as an open-source.
  • It is unified.
  • .NET is the latest technology.
  • .NET is advanced and fast.
  • .NET has gained large support from the community. 
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