The 8 Solid Reasons Why React JS is the Best for Developing Some Premier Web and Mobile Applications

8 Solid Reasons Why React JS is the Best

The 8 Solid Reasons Why React JS is the Best for Developing Some Premier Web and Mobile Applications

Since its strong roots from 2013, React has been rated with a star value of 88,588 from around 1,167 contributors. This is one of the unbeatable platforms that enterprises must prioritize when it comes to web and mobile apps. Even some of the most popular apps that we use regularly such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Netflix, and so on, are developed with the support of React. But what really makes React JS the best and most preferred technology for developing some premier web and mobile apps?

8 Aspects on Why React JS is the Best for App Development

With companies launching new apps, competition is rising every single day; and it is also vital to stay on top of the markets. This is possible only if the end-user feels satisfied with the app developed. For that, React JS comes exactly right. Owing to the said, here are 8 solid reasons why React is the best for mobile and app development;

  1. Easy to Learn and Master: If you had known about MVC (Model-View-Control), then it is good to point out here that React JS concentrates only on the V part. This is not a full-featured framework but more of a JavaScript open-source GUI library. Hence, even amateurs will find it easy to learn and excel in the system. Moreover, there are so many tutorials on the web as well.
  2. Simple to Write the Components: You must have heard about JSX. It is nothing but an optional syntax extension for the original JavaScript. When you combine HTML and JavaScript together in React JS, that combo makes writing the components much simpler than you expect. Though JSX is not that popular, this is highly efficient for developing high-volume apps and custom components.
  3. Supports Component Reusability: One of the biggest perks of React JS is that the components developed are reusable for any other applications with a similar line of functionality. Since you will cut down on the time spent on developing new codes, as a value-added advantage, the application’s speed can also be greatly improved or enhanced.
  4. Allows the Creation of Isomorphic Apps: For speedy rendering, React JS gives you the benefit of isomorphic JavaScript for both the client-side and server-side components of an application. What’s more interesting to note here is that this helps search engine crawlers and bots to quickly index your website or web page, rank it higher, and give a better experience online for your users.
  5. Performs better due to Virtual DOM: A key disadvantage with the JavaScript framework is that it is difficult to perform the Document Object Model or DOM modification. But with the advent of React JS, allows you to update the corresponding virtual DOM parts which will then be replicated into the real DOM also. Thus, your app’s speed is not compromised on any part.
  6. Great for SEO: All digital companies aim for making their web tools search or user-friendly. In that sense, React JS apps are easily identifiable and also it helps you to create the best user interfaces (UIs) that are browsed through any different search engine. Google bots will then download the HTML file codes much more effectively than anything else.
  7. Provides Unique Developer Tools: Unlike the other regular extensions and plug-ins that platforms and app frameworks provide, React JS was particularly established, keeping in mind the expertise of software developers and app designers. Hence, this is a Chrome dev extension that permits you to observe any reactive component hierarchies, right at the present state.
  8. Offers the Benefit of JavaScript Library: Last but not the least, another reason why developers choose React JS over others is that the framework helps software programmers and app designers the space to create their ideas, as precise as their visualizations. Its JavaScript library is one of the key factors that is gaining more popularity today.

Your Takeaway

There are various reasons why React JS is the best framework for your web and mobile application. React JS development services share perks such as out-of-the-box developer tools, SEO friendliness, components reusability, JavaScript library, isomorphic apps, Virtual DOM, and so on. With the best React JS development company, even your business can develop some top-notch apps that win the hearts of users!

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