6 Reasons Why Android App Development is Profitable for Your Business

Benefits of Android App Development

6 Reasons Why Android App Development is Profitable for Your Business

Beyond the mere idea of communication or texting, smartphone applications comprise 3.3+ million, on Google PlayStore alone. When a quality-oriented brand like Google comes up with exceptional enterprise-based applications, we as a business must utilize the same.

Adhering to that standard (s) will ensure that your company is updated and upgraded with technology. Moreover, there are other benefits that you will avail when you execute Android app development. Because developing a mobile app for your customer is going to give you the best results, owing to the scope of smartphone-centric technologies!

Top 6 Handpicked Benefits of Android App Development

India has outperformed China & the US, and turned into a game player for the highest number of app downloads per month; TikTok and Whatsapp are the best examples. So, based on the research data of many digital brands, hiring an Android app development company in India will be a profitable investment. Saying this, here are the six standard benefits of going with Android application development for your business:

  • Generates Better Revenue:

Develop a Paid Android app for users, and your business receives cash on every successful download. For Free applications, you can monetize them using email marketing, sponsorships, advertisements, SMS leads, partnerships, subscriptions, etc.

  • Targetable for Any OS:

When compared to other modes, Android offers the benefit of OS compliance. By using the Java programming language, your application is targetable for numerous OS options, including Ubuntu and Symbian. You can also utilize Google’s Kotlin for this.

  • Increased privacy and security:

Securing your application is not difficult with the advent of Android P; it offers malware and virus protection. You can also get high privacy features through the entire lifecycle of your application. Thus, uncompromisable safety and privacy are guaranteed with Android.

  • Deployment Phase is Speedy:

Considering the application ecosystem, launching and publishing it is covered here. With Android, the overall Time to Market (TTM) duration gets reduced. From pre-launching and testing to determining content ratings and going live, deployment is quick and efficient.

  • Personalize Your Ideas:

The fundamental standards set towards developing an Android app is similar for any business. Yet, when it comes to enterprise-specific applications, your professional idea can be customized and fine-tuned better, and you can provide what customers will desire.

What’s more to note here is that when compared to other OS platforms, Android gives you the benefit of imbibing creativity and innovation that your business can foster online. This way, your application becomes unique as well as downloadable for digital users.

  • Versatility and Scalability:

Not just with Android mobile phones, but this generation’s technology core gives businesses the benefit of flexibility. Meaning, your application can be made adaptable for other Android devices/gadgets, including IoT, VR, tablets, Android TV, AR, and wearables.


About 84.6% of the registered global market share has been through Android OS. So, it’s not surprising to state that Android app development is the future driven towards a better version of the technology, both from a business and its customers’ perspective.

Spending a few bucks for a reputable Android app development company in India is highly profitable, accounting for the many benefits of deployment, production, revenue streams, user base, budget, and more.

But before developing an application, think about the processes, services, or products offered by your business towards the public. Answer many queries, being in the shoes of your customer. Think who is your customer? What do they like about your business? Where can your operations be used for the people? Then, design and create an application based on that idea. This will be a sure hit because customers like businesses that give what they genuinely want. Be it shopping or a smartphone application.

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