Why is .NET Core Good for Your Business?

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Why is .NET Core Good for Your Business?

.NET core is a platform widely known for building business-related applications. With .NET core development, a versatile framework can be availed of, helping developers design robust applications that can be used over several platforms.

Why .NET core? Let us look at a few of its unique features:

Common Language Runtime (CLR): Along with controlling the memory unit and the code performance, this plays a major role in the entire security of the code. With the Common Type System (CTS), cross-language integration and high performance execution of the code is ensured. CTS also gives a library containing all the primitive types of data which are essential in code development. This is interconnected with the JIT (Just-In-Time) collection, which assigns all the code to work in the native language of the machine. That way, there is no confusion even while working on cross-platform applications.

Framework Class Library (FCL): Here, conventional, object-oriented class libraries holding reusable data types associated with the CLR perform functions such as graphic rendering and database communication. This library achieves many common programming assignments like string administration, data gathering, database connectivity and file access. 

The .NET family comprises many development platforms, two being .NET core and .NET framework. They each have their pros and cons and specific uses. Let us see what they are.

.NET core.NET framework
Open-source platformContains certain open-source elements
Cross-platform compatible (MAC, Linux and Windows)Only supported on Windows
Requires independent installationSingle packaged installation for Windows
Does not require any Windows licencesRequires exorbitant Windows licences
Application model includes ASP.NET and universal Windows applicationsApplication model includes Winforms, ASP.NET and WPF
No support for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)Good choice for WCF services
Need to create REST API each time for WCF serviceWorks with RESTful services
Support for microservicesDoes not allow for microservices
High scalability and performanceLess scalability and low performance
Does not have code access securityHas code access security
.NET core development facilitates apps to many domains like mobile, IOT, AI, gaming, etc..NET framework only develops Windows apps
Support mobile app developmentDoes not support mobile app development
Very lightweight CLI (Command Line Interface). IDE switching is possible.Very heavy for CLI
When a new version is installed, it is done on one computer at a time, hence has a solid and adaptable deployment modelUpdated version is installed through internet services
Shipped as a collection of Nuggets packagesAll libraries packages and shipped together
Preferable for deploying enterprise cloud applicationsPreferable when memory management, memory safety and specific Windows APIs are required

There are several benefits of using .NET core for developing business applications, among others. 

  • Code reusability supports the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) concept. By using inheritance, functions, libraries and forking, mistakes are lessened.
  • Lesser code is possible due to robustness and code reusability.
  • Cross-platform integration is very suitable for the modern day world. Developers and clients alike can avail of the operating system of their choice when accessing an application created by .NET core. 
  • ASP.NET core development services are scalable, steady and dependable.
  • Huge amounts of data, a necessity in business, can be processed using .NET. Client information, product details, dealers, services, etc can all be created by using an app developed by .NET.
  • Private database-based web applications and services are preferred to be developed by using .NET. Experts and professionals alike find its simplicity very appealing.
  • Common vulnerabilities in software can be overcome and documented easily with .NET.
  • The authentication versus authorization feature makes sure that the credentials presented by a user resemble those collected in the operating system before given authorization.
  • Due to its interoperability, the developer, client or any other user has freedom of choice of server and architecture.
  • The cost is low. Since it is an open-source framework, amateurs can dabble at it too.
  • .NET is suitable for all databases though most developers prefer having background knowledge of SQL beforehand.

All in all, companies having .NET core development services can provide more to the common user of the modern times. With more and more users vying for apps with cross-platform capabilities, business applications can find more consumers. This in turn helps in helping more people access newer technologies as well. 

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