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Key Functional Modules of Microsoft CRM That You Need To Know!

Microsoft CRM has not just automated customer relationship management, but also brought about a whole new way of looking at creating and building relationship with the customers. When you talk to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant, he/she will tell you about the various modules of this software tool. Each module is designed for a specific application. Whether you are planning to set up this platform or outsource Microsoft Dynamics CRM services, you need to have a clear idea of the purpose and applications of the various modules, so that you get optimum results from using MS CRM.

The key functional modules of this software tool are:


The Sales team has to always be proactive, looking for new ways and means to generate leads and follow up on them. The module not only helps identify leads, but also sort them as per your business requirements. This helps the Sales team follow up on leads that have the most possible chances of conversion.


This module helps marketers plan and execute marketing campaigns based on various attributes. The module also gives you customer insights that can help better plan brand marketing and allow you to better interact with customers.

Customer Service

Reduce customer response time, increase customer self-service time, improve case resolutions and other tasks to help improve customer relationship services. This platform helps you reach out to customers on different channels and provide solutions that meet your customer’s expectations.

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The Social module of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform gives you social insights. You can monitor your brand’s presence on various social media platforms, which can help you plan your sales, marketing and customer service campaigns.

Microsoft CRM offers a whole suite of security features that ensure complete confidentiality of all your data. The security options can be based on individual level, role level, and field level. Security options can also be configured to allow only access to certain modules. When you avail Microsoft Dynamics CRM services, you need to talk to the CRM consultant in detail about the various security options and other functional modes.

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Key Functional Modules of Microsoft CRM

Download Infographic here:  Key Functional Modules of Microsoft CRM That You Need To Know!


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