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Developed windows desktop based application used by German Enterprise Companies for order process management. It has number of modules like Orders, Shipping, Tracking, Payment, Banking, FTP, Reporting, Data Management. It is extension of existing ERP based order management system This application has feature of PDF extraction and based on algorithm it can take decision based …

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Customized CRM This is desktop based CRM application developed for our UK based client. It is almost replica of the one of the famous CRM system and this also uses same database as Goldmine CRM. So they are able to use both our custom CRM and Goldmine side by side.


SurveyConnect This is desktop based Survey generator tool which allows to read survey question from DB and generate survey result per question with different power point slide to show case in various charts format. It also allows to export survey report as PDF and PPT format. It also haveAdob InDesign Integration.

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