We at Aspire software consultancy are equipped to design cutting-edge e-Learning solutions for the players in the education industry and our solutions are respected globally..

Our Expertise

Our Microsoft .NET Development team delivers custom LMS development, integration, and implementation for academic institutions ranging from public K-12 to university-level, and beyond.

We develop future-rich, easy to navigate and interactive custom education software which helps the students and educators equally. Our solutioning team will help your educators to design an education ecosystem that effortlessly integrates all the processes of planning and creation of education modules.

It will be very easy for them to use these applications for the educators of your institute to create the training modules using our software developed by our dotnet core development team.

LMS (Learning Management System) Features

If one is looking to get custom software development for healthcare industry, these are the features to look out for-

1Enrolment management

Education Software services designed by ASC manages end-to-end functions for the educators from enrolment management to final assessment and handing over of degree, certificate or diploma.

2Social media share

The educators and students can share the learning modules on Social Media like Whatsapp, Facebook and LinkedIn, so that they can discuss about the same with their classmates. Even the parents and guardians can be looped in about the course curriculum through the social media share feature.

3Online certification generation

Our e-Learning Solutions will take care of everything including online certificate generation at the end of the course. All the students who cleared the course successfully will receive a softcopy of their completion certificate along with their GPA/Grades.

4Online payment and finance module

The students or their parents can make payments for the semester or for the entire year as per their convenience online. They can use their credit cards, debit cards, net banking to make these payments.

5Course creation

The teachers do not have to face any hassles while creating their course curriculum using the ASC e-Learning software.

6Real time progress check

The teachers and parents can check the progress of their students/children on a teal-time basis and compare with the scores of other students in the class as well as their performance in each semester in one dashboard.

7Classroom like features

The students will get an opportunity to interact with their fellow students and teachers whenever they need to do so. It will make their experience closer to the classroom experience.

8Test preparation

The teachers can give mock tests to the students and prepare them for the final exam using this user-friendly LMS.

9Online proctoring

The teachers can proctor or invigilate the students to ensure that they are taking the tests without any external support. It is quite challenging in an online environment, however our solutions have created close to fool-proof proctoring solutions.

10Customized notification and alerts

The parents and guardians will receive customized alerts regarding all the important aspects of their children like exam dates, result dates, fee payment reminders etc. without fail.

11Leave and attendance management

The teachers need not maintain a manual register as they used to do in a classroom environment. The application will register the attendance and do the calculations and save the manual labor and time of the teachers.

12Quiz test

The educators can create surprise quiz tests using this LMS seamlessly. The students can take the test online and the results will be recorded online. For the objective type multiple choice questions, the answers can be fed in, and the teachers need not correct the answer sheets manually. They can only focus on the subjective part of the quiz test which will ensure faster correction of test papers and lesser burden on the teacher.

13Discussion Boards/ News and Announcement

If the teachers want to put something in the discussion boards like- last date for science project submission etc. that can be done seamlessly.

14Mobile Learning

Utilize our education applications and software and curate your online education platforms that complement your classroom at school and the online modules. This will reduce the workload of the students and the teachers and correction of test papers will become a cakewalk for them. It will increase the communication with the parents and the notifications and alerts will keep them aware of the happenings of their children and wards.

15Educational Platforms

We at ASC provide completely automated, AI (Artificial intelligence) based customizable, cloud-based or on-premise education software services which will help to integrate all your ideas in one platform and provide interactive online learning solution to the students. It will help your students remain ahead of competition and your institute the most sought-after amogst the student and parent communities.

16SIS (Student Information System)

ASC designs custom SIS solutions with built-in functions that enable full control and visibility over scheduling, attendance tracking, course registration, academic grade results, transcripts, and communications.

Our team which handles Microsoft .NET Development is extremely proficient in programming and the applications and software created by our company has helped millions of students and educators across the globe. Our dotnet core development can create applications on any platform for smartphones and webpages.

Why to choose Aspire?

ASC engineers and solution architects design e-learning systems to conform to the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and Aviation Industry computer-based training Committee (AICC) to publish e-learning content across on-site, mobile, web, and cloud-based platforms.

Hence, your educators or students will not face any problems with the authenticity of the courses they attended and the certificates they gained.

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Our healthcare software development programmers are experts in dotnet core development. Please reach out to us for any of your requirements, and we will design the entire custom medical solution for your hospital or nursing home at an affordable price. Our professionals are experienced in creating web pages for your portal or mobile apps which will help your patients and employees. They will save on a lot of time while using the customised applications and the work will be error-free.

Success Stories

John Ragsdale, the CIO at Eyecare Services Partners could not stop praising the custom software development for healthcare industry done for his company by the Aspire team.

Our testimonials talk about our success stories. BrokerEngine founder and director Craig Vaughan was very happy with the product development done by Aspire Software Consultancy and recommended us to his colleagues and clients.

Robert McNicoll, the director of Copper Monkey Ltd. had worked with multiple vendors and finally chose Aspire Software Consultancy s their business partner in the custom software development field.


Aspire Software Consultancy leverages the best-of-technologies to develop rich, user-friendly and effective Desktop Applications that work offline and run off the web browser.
We can integrate these databases into your complete healthcare software development suite and the admins who have the access information will have the right to use those databases.
Our data mining and analytical software solutions take into consideration huge amounts of data, previous case histories from multiple countries and then process it using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict results. This helps the doctors in taking the best possible decisions regarding the diagnosis and the course of treatment. Insights like the success rate on other patients, side-effects etc. can be churned and provided to the patient on a case-to-case basis.