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Client is Mortgage broker in Home loan Industry in Australia. Client already had software application which allows loan processing with limited features. Client had dream of building a world class SaaS platform with end to end processing for Mortgage Broker Software which can be used by his own company and also wanted to sale this solution to large Mortgage broker companies in Australia.

They were already using a web solution with limited functionality but it involves lot of manual work and not having much automation. Existing system was prone to manual errors and overall delay in providing service to end client.  Especially the application wasn’t able to handle the large amount of loan application.

Given the proven capabilities with Dynamics CRM platform and out of box features with customizable workflows, decided to go with on premise Dynamics CRM 365 implementation.


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  • The nature of client’s business is such that it couldn’t be paused while new system is built, but at the same time it was getting difficult to use existing system. The new solution was required in short timeframe.
  • The security aspects were very important, as the application holds private and financial details of people. Also, it was planned to be used by multiple company on SaaS platform, so one Broker Company must not access client data from another Broker Company.
  • Client wanted to see all client loan processing status from single dashboard and also wanted to take all actions from single place. So handling a large data from single screen was difficult without custom solution.
  • The number of screen to be developed was huge for short amount time and client wanted to have most of the screen with custom design and workflow.
  • Many external integrations for accounting, banking related, SMS sending and staff work tracking.
  • Client wanted to build lots of features which are not supported out of box and all of those are challenging to achieve within CRM platform.


Based on the requirements and specification, we decided to architect the application using following components of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 On Premise Installation
  • Built-in work engine to handle most of the business flow automation
  • Custom Web resources development [HTML, jQuery/Java script] for most of the custom GUI screens
  • Custom Schedule Jobs for many automated tasks on daily basis background execution
  • Custom Workflow plugin to provide custom functionality with workflow designer
  • Custom plugins development to provide enhanced features on various data driven events
  • Custom GUI screens for most of the functionality to provide best user experience
  • 3rd party integrations from custom plugins
  • Client side REST API usage
  • Dynamics CRM SDK usage from server side components outside of the Dynamics CRM for external integrations

The security was implemented using finest level of security framework provide by Dynamics CRM, which achieved all the security requirements across multiple hierarchy of the user groups with different level of access and data accessibility.

Workflows used heavily to automate most of the communications with client and bank to reduce human work and also delays in communication. Also workflow generates all the documents with predefined document format per client/bank and sends out through email without any human involvement.


The initial version of the solution was deployed in production in just 12 weeks and widely appreciated by client team. There were continuous improvements in system following initial version.