CRS/SBC – Office management system


Client is The Commission of Railway Safety (CRS/SBC) is department of Rail Vikas Nigam Limited [RVNL], a Government of India Enterprise.  Our client receives multiple applications from various southern railways organizations for the approvals for the Railway Safety. So, this involves multiple checklists to be verified and multiple documents to verified for each application. This is something they are maintaining for many years now without having right computer software to manage this. It is very difficult to have any statistics around application processed or pending within year and also difficult to track back any application from past records. Client wished to have software to manage all these application, track them through software and have insight on statistics & various reporting.


  • Lot of manual process and documentation involved for the entire application approval flow.
  • Various type of application to be managed and each of them having different set of checklist.
  • Solution to allow past processed application to entered in system and recorded as history information.
  • Making it more configurable and user friendly.


Based on the requirements and specification, we decided to architect the application using following technology stack:

  • Microsoft .Net Core framework
  • C#, Dapper, Web API
  • Angular 7, Type Script
  • MY SQL database
  • Role based security implemented
  • Configurable data points
  • Approval workflow implementation
  • Advance searching and reporting


The initial version of the solution has been deployed in production and widely appreciated by client team. There were continuous improvements in system following initial version.