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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales


Dynamics 365 CRM Sales module provides out of box features to manage Lead and Sales management process effectively. Sales team can do follow up activities and also automate process to keep an tap on prospects and helps in sales conversation. It also helps to generate all required documentation around quotes and order generation.

It helps to Sales team to build strong relationships with their customers, take actions based on insights, and close sales faster. It helps to keep track of accounts and contacts, nurture sales from lead to order, and create sales collateral.

Use Dynamics 365 CRM Sales Module For

Empower Sales Team

Dynamics 365 CRM Sales module empowers Sales team with predictive analytics from historical information and provides digital intelligence to automate follow up. Sales team effectively be in contact with all potential and existing customer to build relationship and convert more lead to sales.

Customer Engagement

Dynamics 365 CRM Sales module helps Sales team to manage lead, contacts, opportunities and orders. It helps to build sales pipeline and track it effective at every status of the opportunity. It provides social integrations to connect with potential, get up to date information for the companies and helps in right decision making process for marketing efforts.

Sales Performance Matric

Dynamics 365 CRM Sales module provide various sales matric to help in identifying sales team performance. It provide dashboard to quickly check performance of the sales person and set right goals to achieve results.

Automated Follow up

Dynamics 365 CRM Sales module allows to set up automated follow up through customized workflow process. It helps to setup email follow-up based on certain status of the prospect or time based. It also allows post sales engagement with existing customer to make more sales or cross selling other products or even getting feedback.

Get started with dynamics 365 for

Sales and Marketing

  • Provides Actionable insights

Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales can empower the salespeople with digital intelligence, predictive analysis and automated lead scoring. Dynamic 365 sales insights helps in assessing client relationships and provides necessary mechanism to take timely and wise steps to improve the relationship.

  • Helps in Customer management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales helps the sales people to find the right leads, opportunities and contacts. It provides all important information about company, their social activities. It helps representatives know when and how to engage customer.

  • Monitor Sales performance

Dynamic 365 for sales provides user friendly dashboards to set smart goals and monitor the results. It’s built-in features aligns the team’s action with right practices and the gamification feature allows healthy competition within team environment.

Customer Service

  • Providesomni-channel engagement

Dynamics 365 for sales provides unified platform for customer service which makes information available for the agents so that they can serve the customers better and on time.

  • ProvidesCustomer self-service

Dynamics 365 for sales features a self-service portal with searchable knowledge base and online community space which helps customers to find the answers on their own.

  • Provides out of box digital intelligence

Dynamics 365 for sales provides data analytics feature which helps to make customer service more predictive. It provides interactive dashboards as well as data visualizations that enable the businesses to pull insights from their metrics. This helps to identify current trends and opportunities and helps in taking appropriate timely actions.

  • Provides Unified Experience across devices

Sales agents are able to take service interactions from mobile device or desktop. It provides a single window with all kinds of information including scripting, entitlements and recommendations, which helps them to provide personalized services faster.

Field Service

  • Appointment Scheduling

Dynamic 365 for sales provides tools that helps field engineering team to schedule timely appointments and take timely actions. It allow to fit more number of appointments in a day effectively.

  • Native Mobile Usage

Dynamic 365 provides native mobile applications having real-time and offline data and this helps to increase productivity of the field engineers. They get customer information in single touch.

  • Managing Inventory

This helps to manage inventory across locations, depots, warehouses and logistics. It provides real-time updates, it’s easy to track the service stock and create better forecasts.

  • Communications with Customers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales provides unique customer centric features where we can put clients in the middle of every interaction.It allows to integrate with 3rd party services like Twilio, Glypse API to get better view of their case and helps technician for live map updates, phone calls and SMS messages.

Why Aspire Software Consultancy

We have Dynamics 365 CRM expert having very good understanding of the Sales module and helping companies to setup this to fit business processes. We help our customers to get most out of CRM and bringing automated process which helps to reduce human efforts for sales team. So Sales team can focus on bringing more business while their regular manual tasks are done through automated process.

Our Microsoft Dynamics Services

Microsoft Dynamics Consultant

Aspire Software Consultancy is a Microsoft Dynamics consultant and develop Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions. We help our customers build and manage relationship and adapt quickly to new opportunities. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM services that we offer are current, competent and certified in the field of CRM technologies.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services

Microsoft dynamics 365 is a flexible and scalable set of applications that can be run on premises, cloud or through hybrid deployment.Microsoft dynamics 365 services have been designed to be deployed independently so that the organizations can start at a small scale and pay as per their requirement. Having the scalable capacity and flexible subscriptions, this system can easily keep pace with the growth of any organization.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Dynamics 365 CRM Sales module provides out of box features to manage Lead and Sales management process effectively. Sales team can do follow up activities and also automate process to keep an tap on prospects and helps in sales conversation. It also helps to generate all required documentation around quotes and order generation.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization

Dynamics 365 customization provides out of box features for most of the business basic needs. But not all business will be able to survive with CRM shipped features and functionality. So business needs Microsoft Dynamics 365 customization and configuration to Dynamics 365 CRM solution to meet business data and workflow needs.

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