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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization

Introduction of Customizing Dynamics 365:

Dynamics 365 customization provides out of box features for most of the business basic needs. But not all business will be able to survive with CRM shipped features and functionality. So business needs Microsoft Dynamics 365 customization and configuration to Dynamics 365 CRM solution to meet business data and workflow needs.

This Dynamics CRM customization can be possible in mainly 3 below-mentioned areas.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Configuration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization

Development of the Custom Functionality and Business Process

Requirements for customization

The main requirement for customization is to allow Microsoft Dynamics CRM services to fit the business process information and automate business process to reduce human efforts. Dynamics 365 customization fulfill user role based data access and organize the system access at various levels by user permissions.

CRM inbuilt customization capabilities

Dynamics 365 unified interface customization is highly flexible and customizable in terms of data capturing, screens and workflows. Configuration allows customizing custom fields, layouts, dashboards, themes, entities, workflows, processes, apps and other components.

Our Microsoft Dynamics Consultant are capable of

Form Customization

Custom entities

Custom workflow plugins

Custom Plugin development

XRM based custom development

Ribbon Customization

Custom web resources implementation for customized GUI [html/jquery/angular]

Reporting using SSRS

Email/Word templates

Complex workflow development

3rd party integrations

Complex role based security implementation

Advantages of Customizing Dynamics 365

The main advantage of D365 customization and configuration is that it increases the efficiency across the organization in terms of work getting done, more traceability and business growth. Dynamics 365 for sales can adapt to the organization’s procedures with customized workflows and reduce human efforts. Users in the organizations will adapt themselves to the system as they will also feel that it is something tailored to their regular process and it is helping them in doing their work quickly and more accurately.

How Dynamics 365 customization
helps in sales automation

Dynamics 365 CRM customization helps in Sales and Marketing automation. It helps managing sales pipeline more effectively and email marketing helps to convert potential to lead easily. It helps to generate quotes at click of button. Microsoft Dynamics CRM customization helps in lead nurturing, opportunity handling, customer feedback management, appointment management and follows up effectively. Also helps to monitor sales team’s performance and metrics. It provides historical information to do predictive sales analytics and helps in taking marketing decisions.

Create custom CRM modules such as,

Some of the custom modules can be developed as

  • Routine tasks automation.
  • UI component customization to meet functional and usability needs.
  • Custom dashboards/reports to measure member performance.
  • CRM integration with SM, corporate systems and other 3rd party applications.

Challenges ASC can solve for business

Sales and marketing automation to boost sales pipeline ASC can help with customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM sales pipeline according to the business needs, applying custom templates and custom workflows. Custom plug-ins can be created to build quotes in single click.

To automate tasks using custom workflow implementation ASC can help in automating Business processes using custom workflows. This includes lead nurturing, opportunity management, sales conversion, support services, customer satisfaction. At various events, it can trigger email notifications/reminders, template generation and sending through emails.

Monitor sales team performance matric and revenue ASC can help in utilizing Dynamics 365 customization to digitize the performance management program of the organization with its customized reports and metrics.

Advanced analytics and custom reporting ASC can help with getting most out of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to provide Advance analytics on various business aspects. Dynamics 365 Customization offers customized reports, dashboards and KPIs and also allows to have SSRS reports to get any customized reports.

Integration with 3rd party systems ASC can help in integrating any 3rd party System with Microsoft dynamics 365. Having integration with external system will help in reducing data duplication, managing information from single system and make decision making process faster for business.

ASC Expert Area

CLOUD COMPUTING| software companies in bangalore

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM

We offer cloud consulting services for Salesforce CRM and MS Dynamics CRM applications.
CLOUD COMPUTING| software companies in bangalore

MS Dynamics CRM

MS Dynamics CRM

We offer cloud consulting services for Salesforce CRM and MS Dynamics CRM applications.
Web Application| software companies in bangalore

Web Application

Web Application

Capability and expertise to design, develop and implement Enterprise Web Applications.
Mobile Development| software companies in bangalore

Mobile Development

Mobile Development

Multi Platform mobile applications development with device adaptive navigation.
Ecommerce Website Development| software companies in bangalore

Ecommerce Website Development


Our E-commerce expert developers can help you design your dream E-shop.
DESKTOP APPLICATIONS | software companies in bangalore

Desktop Applications


ASC has handled a wide variety of applications such as CRM, HRM, Email Centre, Survey connect.
Enterprise Solution Development| software companies in bangalore

Enterprise Solution Development


We design customized software solutions in database applications
Product Engineering| software companies in bangalore

Product Engineering


ASC leverage rich technology and domain expertise to present software product engineering.

IT STAFF AUGMENTATION| software companies in bangalore

IT Staff Augmentation


ASC offers staff augmentation, team services that meet your organizational & business objectives
Software Consulting

Software Consulting

Software Consulting

ASC IT support services can be profitable in meeting end-user demands.

Technology We are Expert in



Razor Syntax,Angular Framework,
React Js, Jquery/Javascript, HTML,CSS



Microsoft .Net Web API,
REST full web services



C#, VB.Net, LINQ, PHP,
Java, Azure Blobs


Framework MVC, J2EE,
Spring framework, Kafka



SQL Server, Mongo DB,
Cassandra, Apache Ignite




Object Relational
Mapper [ORM]

Object Relational
Mapper [ORM]

Entity framework

3rd Party Controls

3rd Party Controls

DevExpress, DevExtreme

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