Case Studies

TapInnov – SaaS based Enterprise Solution


Client is TAP Innovations, LLC in Enterprise solution provider in USA. Our client found that Small to medium sized companies uses lots of different software from various vendors to automate their business process and day to day activities tracking. There are lots of issues when it comes to integrate data from one system to another. Also data duplication and data out of sync are two major concerns when data maintained in multiple systems. Client wished to provide single solution to have various business functionality offered as SaaS platform in subscription model, so companies can subscribed to their required modules and achieve their business goals.


  • Target market was not specific to any domain or specific functionality, so it is difficult to have generalized way to cater large audience.
  • The security aspects were very important, as the application holds business and financial details. Also, it was planned to be used by multiple company on SaaS platform, so one company information should not be accessible to another.
  • Solution should be scalable in terms of adding new modules and new functionality to cater large range of the customers.
  • Lots of external integration offered as subscription based service, so that if any specific company wants to have data integrated from external system, then system need to be flexible enough to allow smooth integration.
  • Making it more configurable and user friendly


Based on the requirements and specification, we decided to architect the application using following technology stack:

  • Microsoft .Net framework
  • MVC framework with C#, Entity Framework, Web API
  • DevExtreme 3rd party controls for better user experience
  • Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Azure cloud platform for files storage and deployments
  • Multi-tenant solution to have separate database for each customer
  • Role based security implemented
  • HTTPs for all data transfers
  • Lots of external integrations like QuickBooks, BlackDiamond, CallRail
  • Module based development and loosely coupled architecture


The initial version of the solution was deployed in production in just 16 weeks and widely appreciated by client team. There were continuous improvements in system following initial version. Currently system is being deployed to multiple customers in USA. We are working with ongoing further development for various modules on project to cater more customers.